If you’ve never heard of the Lip Balm Challenge, that’s because Mazzy made it up. This is Mazzy’s new favorite past time— devising random YouTube challenges from the things she finds in her room. The Lip Balm Challenge involves the very complicated task of guessing lip balm flavors just by smelling them.

Why is Mazzy so good at it? That’s because she owns these lip balms and has smelled them many times before. Or we can just pretend that she has the uncanny ability to randomly pull “cherry blossom” out of her head with no prior knowledge. Pretty impressive stuff.

My favorite part of the video has got to be the beginning when Harlow insists on doing the intro. “No, Mazzy! You always get to do it!” Followed by the part where Mazzy realizes the REAL challenge is getting her little sister to keep her blindfold on.

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