On October 22nd (before the world got taken over by Halloween and then obliterated by the election), it was Mike’s birthday. That’s Mr. Mommy Shorts in case you didn’t know. Or as he prefers to be called, “Daddy Pants.”

Mazzy and Harlow had very specific ideas for what they wanted to get for their dad. They wanted to buy him a NY Giants t-shirt, make him a monkey card and bake him a football cake. You know what this tells me? They know their dad really well. I can’t think of three things besides cake, football and monkeys that would make him happier.

Well, I think of one thing, but let’s keep this PG.

Anyway. When it came to the cake, Mazzy and Harlow planned the whole thing out themselves. Mazzy wanted to frost the cake blue to represent the Giants and decorate with a football on top in chocolate icing. Harlow wanted to make the inside green to represent the field with white filling to look like the yard lines. Then it was up to me to buy the ingredients, set them up and let them do their thing!

I think they did an awesome job!


Here’s a video of them making it. (Make sure you watch at least until the part where Harlow starts “mixing in my booty!”)

I have yet to get a photo of them all together with their Giants shirts on, but since it’s football season, I imagine that will happen soon. I did get a photo of them giving him their handmade monkey cards.


Then… do you know what we did with our day? We spent it exactly like we have spent Mike’s birthday every year for the past three years— celebrating Gavin’s birthday. Gavin is Little Miss Party‘s son and one of Mazzy and Harlow’s best friends. You will recall that two years ago, Mike and Gavin threw a joint Superhero Bowling party together. If you haven’t read that post, YOU REALLY SHOULD.

This year, it was Bounce U and Hibachi.


Happy birthday, Gavin.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Mommy Shorts.

We love you both!


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