If you watched my Snapchat last week, you probably saw Mazzy and Harlow opening a large box and squealing like Christmas morning was packed up inside. What was in there? A litter of kittens? A decorate your own cupcake buffet? Nope and nope. It was toys and dress-up clothes from Nick Jr.’s Shimmer and Shine, one of the only shows that Mazzy and Harlow collectively agree on.

Being an adult, I have no idea which one is Shimmer and which one was Shine (they look very similar) but Harlow and Mazzy immediately knew whose dress belonged to who. Which jewelry went with which costume. They also knew the names of their pets Tala and Nahal. And who would play with the magic carpet first and who would play with the floating palace.


One of the toys (which all came from Toys R Us) actually played the Shimmer and Shine song (“Shimmer and Shine, ahahahahahahahhhhhh…”) and the girls squealed as they played it over and over again for the next fifty hours. Maybe it was just ten minutes. I can’t be sure.


All I know, is that we are going on one week with the Shimmer and Shine toys and they show no signs of being put away. They take on and off their outfits, trade their jewelry and keep saying things like, “MOM! CAN YOU FIND SHIMMER’S SHOES???”

“Here, you go sweetie.”

“No, those are Shine’s shoes.”

“I give up.”


My favorite thing is when Mazzy and Harlow put on the Shimmer and Shine costumes. Something about a dress-up outfit that involves pants is super refreshing and adorable. It also prompted them to do various “genie” poses which are strikingly similar to “yoga” poses. Maybe genies like to do yoga? It’s very possible.




In the show, Shimmer and Shine grant Leah (their human owner) three wishes a day. Then something usually goes wrong and they have to figure out how to fix it without using magic… and calamity ensues.

I asked Mazzy what she would ask for if she got three wishes. She gave it some thought but came up with her first wish pretty quickly.

“I’d want Harlow to be a baby again.”


“Me too, Mazzy. Me too. What’s you second wish?”

“Hmmmm…. I’d want to fly.”

“Yep, that’s a good one. Third wish?”

“I wish that I could choose which days I went to school and which days I didn’t have to go.”

Yeah, that’s a good wish. At least she didn’t say that she didn’t want to go to school at all? I asked Harlow the same question.


“I wish you and Daddy didn’t have to go to work anymore.”

Wow. Way to stick it in the gut, Harlow!

“I wish Shimmer and Shine were real.”

“Shimmer and Shine are real!” Mazzy chimed in. I got a little concerned, but then she motioned to herself and Harlow all dressed up. Made sense to me!



“Harlow, you get one more,” I instructed her.

“I wish I was the big sister and Mazzy was the little sister.”

Mazzy did not like that wish. “I want to change my last wish! I wish that Harlow couldn’t make that wish! Oh I know… I wish for 100 more wishes and then I could wish for whatever I want!!!!”

And then calamity ensued.



This post was sponsored by Shimmer and Shine, but Mazzy and Harlow’s joy is clearly their own.