Ever give your baby a plate of spaghetti and have it wind up on the floor? How about on your ceiling? If you are lucky, most of that mess remains on the tray of your high chair, but that doesn’t make it any less disgusting.

I’m not going to lie— food messes make me want to throw up a little. Especially when there are finger streaks in them. I used to try to wipe down Harlow and Mazzy’s high chair without looking at the smushed peas and streaks of peach puree directly. I almost dry heaved just thinking about it.

All this is to apologize for the photos you are about to see. You see, each month (for the past four months), I’ve been awarding the messiest kid (and the mom who had the foresight to snap a picture) a $250 Target gift card + Seventh Generation products to help them clean up their next mess. For our final “Mess of the Month” winner, I thought the kids should go head to head in a good old fashioned food fight.

25 Kids Who Would Kick Ass in a Food Fight

1. The kid who claimed victory over a carton of yogurt

14203103_10154470231637733_286615470990270731_n-copy2. The kid who slaughtered a bowl of oatmeal

14199491_10102188602285434_3763706853063222866_n-copy3. The kid who might have murdered a small animal


4. The kid who washed his face with Spaghettios


5. The kid who played in a chocolate cake like it was a sandbox

14192014_10157342350370521_8603901517991834587_n-copy6. The kid who wanted to see if his scalp liked the taste of chicken puree

14188674_1186752151388812_8138155947618887424_o-copy7. The kid who is looking forward to his full Smurf transformation

14184513_10157363132390191_1932868336786452936_n-copy8. The kid who thinks tomato sauce is an excellent shampoo alternative

14184469_900680652743_3900988202582789979_n-copy9. The kid who is like, “Finished that. What else you got?”

14141845_10102868980172623_580365908709085593_n-copy10. The kid who looks like he just came home from clown school

14141485_10206928197713344_6621291990505991771_n-copy11. The kid who loves a good curry14117863_10154552206468783_2351112145945648259_n-copy12. The kid who officially became a “Purple People Eater”

14102272_10154548033256473_6687760307202056233_n-copy13. The kid who likes to eat yogurt with a fork

14095925_10102373987327393_7883285129230619918_n-copy14. The kid who would like second helpings of that blue icing

14089316_10107591389900649_6265563670438237538_n-copy15. The kid who mixes egg and beans to make custom moisturizer

14088530_10211355960321689_6963054761637029404_n-copy16. The kid who looks like she ate mom’s lipstick

14079907_10101581736595196_1862793932656947119_n-copy17. The kid who massacred Oscar the Grouch

14079688_694301403777_4178122167235281277_n-copy18. The kid who doesn’t believe in flatware

13921182_10157273109255254_1379526145747534020_n-copy19. The kid who fought a pasta vegetable medley and won

13912667_10210237173589194_2041016724035872650_n-copy20. The kid who has a future in professional food art

13900090_10154423056678633_2166623408052305788_n-copy21. The kid who can’t believe he ate all that pudding

13886304_10102970150127318_4881481565614380948_n-copy22. The kid who took a bite out of Elmo and then went after all his friends

13876322_10209986455243802_6846860615923997082_n-copy23. The kid who took her pink obsession a little too far


24. The kid who ate Rainbow Brite on a sandwich



25. The kid who need to be tranfered directly to the bath with his high chair

14117713_10210593977029400_4246275448451713551_n-copyAnd the winner is…

26. The kid tries beets for the first time


This mess won your mom a $250 Target Gift Card + a whole bunch of cleaning products from Seventh Generation! You can clean that high chair tray until it sparkles.

Please contact annie@mommyshorts.com to claim your prize.

Seriously, there is probably nothing that gets washed down more often than the tray on your baby’s high chair. Except maybe your baby’s plates and utensils, which is why it is so important to use a dish soap that does not leave behind any harmful residue.


Seventh Generation is the ‘clear choice’ when choosing effective eco-friendly cleaning products, especially their all-natural dish liquid. It just debuted a brand new look but uses the same non-toxic biodegradable plant-based formula with 0% dyes, synthetic fragrances, or triclosan. This means you can even feel safe if you ask your kids do the dishes.

A huge thanks to Seventh Generation for sponsoring “Mess of the Month” and handing out loads of prizes over the last few months. I hope everyone stocked up because you never know when a new mess might present itself.

As always, I suggest whipping out those cameras right before the all purpose cleaner.


This post was sponsored by Seventh Generation, but all messy kids are your own.