Just a few short months ago, parents were pulling their hair out over plastic rafts that we couldn’t inflate without hyperventilating, and wondering how on earth we’d ever get all that beach sand out of our vehicle upholstery. But now that school is in full swing, I suddenly remember why I was so elated when school ended last year— nothing makes me long for the woes of summer like realizing I can’t handle second grade math.

I knew I was destined to be totally useless in the homework department, the first time Mazzy brought a worksheet home from kindergarten.

ME: Okay, it looks like we need to name these shapes. This one’s a diamond!

MAZZY: Actually, Mommy, that’s a rhombus.

ME: Okay I’m done.

It’s no secret that the key to dealing with kids’ homework is patience, Googling, and wine. Lots of wine. To that end, the Holderness Family has released a video showing us which wines to pair with each subject, in hopes of making the process of helping with homework as painless as possible. I hear it only gets worse from here.


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