When you become a parent, sacrifice is part of the deal. In exchange for one tiny person (or several), you give up all sorts of stuff like your personal space, your free time, and pretty much any hope of taking a tropical couples-only cruise for the next 18 years or so.

Obviously it’s all worth it, but even the most patient mom has days when her baby coats the couch in applesauce, her toddler won’t stop asking “Why? Why? Why???” and her throat is hoarse from screaming at her children to please, for the love of all that’s holy, STOP ACTING LIKE A PACK OF WILD ANIMALS FOR JUST THIRTY SECONDS.

Those are the days when we want to run far, far away. Just long enough to collect a few of the broken pieces of our sanity so we can come back to scrape applesauce off our throw pillows without losing our #$%@ minds.

Watch the hilarious Rachel Hollis describe how she gets a few minutes of peace. For instance, did you know that the bank is basically populated entirely by moms hiding from their children?

She tells us from the bathroom, of course.

Where do you hide from your kids? I need more ideas. In case my husband is the one hiding in the bathroom.


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