Did you vote yet??? I did! I voted early last Thursday. I was prepared to wait on line for hours. I had my phone fully charged, an extra battery, a book and snacks. I told Mike I wasn’t sure if I would be home for dinner. But…there was literally no wait! I was almost disappointed. The polling place was full and busy, but they kept everything moving and the whole thing from line to scanner took about 15 minutes. Everyone was masked and keeping a respectable distance too. When I walked out, it felt so good to know my vote has been officially counted.

After my voting high, I went home and watched the news obsessively. I’ve been pretty obsessive about it for the past four years and it feels like it’s at a fever pitch right now. I’ve had moments filled with hope, when I feel sure I know what’s going to happen on Election Night, and then moments when all those hopes come crashing down. I’ve discussed with friends whether we should be in or out of the city on the big night. I’ve tried to prep my kids for all possible outcomes. I’ve tried to prep myself. After 2016, no one can go into this election with certainty of the outcome. We’ve been there before and it bit us in the ass. So, I’ve been losing sleep thinking about all the WHAT IFs.

Here’s the thing. I believe that Biden and Harris can win. I believe we have the numbers on our side, if everyone comes out to vote. I don’t know what Trump is going to do on election night. He’s been discrediting the post office, stacking the courts, and questioning the validity of mail-in votes counted after Election Day for months. BUT. If everyone votes on Election Day, and Biden is the CLEAR WINNER, he has so much less to argue.

Especially important are the swing states— Pennsylvania, Ohio, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Georgia and Wisconsin. Can you imagine if Texas turns blue? IT’S POSSIBLE. If you live in one of those states, you have the opportunity to be part of making history happen. And it’s not just the presidential candidates that are important. The Senate races are SO CLOSE in North Carolina, South Carolina, Maine, Georgia, Montana and Iowa. Can you imagine if Lindsey Graham gets voted out? IT CAN HAPPEN. If the Democrats win the presidency and the Senate, we can really start to get our country back on track and headed in the right direction. They can start by listening to doctors and scientists, so that they can develop a clear plan to lead us through a global pandemic.

This election is not about Republicans vs. Democrats. I know so many Republicans, conservatives and devout religious people voting for Biden. This is an election to save democracy. To unite the people. To restore decency. To keep us safe. To protect our planet. To elect a government who is working for all of the United States of America.

People have had enough and now, we just have to show up and make ourselves heard. WE CAN DO THIS. You have one more day to change the course of this country. Let’s defeat Trump by the biggest margin in history and send the clearest possible message about who we are as a country. We will not be divided. VOTE FOR BIDEN HARRIS.

If you are still struggling with your decision, please read some of the posts below about what it really means to be pro-choice, what this election could mean for our environment and how to be better ally.

Take care of yourselves over the next week,