This past weekend Mike, Mazzy, Harlow and I had the awesome opportunity to spend a long weekend at the all-inclusive Hyatt Ziva Cancun resort for their grand opening.

If you told me six years ago that blogging incessantly about my nine-month old’s sleep and poop habits would eventually get me a free family vacation in Cancun, I would have thought you had lost your mind… but MY GOD, I feel pretty lucky I had the foresight to overshare diaper changes.


Mike and I have been to Mexico a couple of times before but neither of us had been to Cancun. I thought of it primarily as a Spring Break location, so honestly it never even entered our consideration set as a vacation destination.

Well, that proved to be a huge mistake.

You see, there is a reason that Cancun is so popular and that reason is because the beaches are INSANE. And by insane, I mean stunningly gorgeous. Bright white soft sand and water in all directions in every shade of blue and green.


Hyatt Ziva Cancun is located on the tip of Punta Cancun so there is ocean on almost all sides. When you arrive into the grand lobby, you are met with an impressive main pool with two tiers and the ocean behind it.


The beach feels private and exclusive to Hyatt Ziva Cancun since the tip of the Peninsula puts you around the corner from the main Cancun hotel strip. When it wasn’t windy, the waves on this stretch of beach were tame and the water was pretty shallow.



This was the first beach I have been to where I wasn’t afraid for Mazzy and Harlow to play in the surf while I sat and watched. On Long Island, I am always afraid a big wave will come and whisk them away if I’m not holding their hands. In Jamaica and Turks & Caicos, there seemed to be more of a current and steep drops in the ocean floor when you didn’t expect them.


It also helped that the sand was soft and white and you could see exactly what you were stepping into.


I do not know if all of Cancun is like this. I imagine a lot of the mildness came from where the hotel was situated.


But just like at any beach, Mazzy and Harlow spent a large amount of time covering my legs with sand.


From our hotel room, we faced the beach on the opposite side of the peninsula. Equally beautiful but not much bigger in scale with other hotels lining the distance.

Down on the beach, there is a little dam built with big blocks of concrete. There is ocean on one side and a little pool of sea water creeping through the rocks on the other.


I spotted it from our window and it proved to be an excellent place to play in the water for kids.



IMG_5627Harlow loved it there in particular.


IMG_5629IMG_5626Hyatt Ziva Cancun property is truly spectacular. And I say this as someone who was really spoiled travel wise back when I worked in advertising. Every area is designed impeccably from the lobby to the restaurants to the coffee shop to random seating areas throughout the hotel.



Clearly, someone thought very long and hard about how to deck out the space in a way that would blow an Instagrammer’s mind. There were so many cool backdrops to photograph, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself. Every time we turned a corner or entered a bathroom, I was like— Ooooooooooooh. What I could do with that yellow patterned wall behind the sinks…..


Mazzy noticed the design too which was pretty cool. She would point out interesting chairs and choices of color, asking me to take a picture of things she found interesting.





In Lorenzo’s the Italian restaurant, she asked to come over to the fancy tables in the back to take a picture of her.

“It so pretty, Mommy. You should put this on Snapchat.”


The decor prompted a long conversation about how there are different ways for artists to earn a living— you can paint pictures, but you can also decorate a room or design a piece of furniture.

Our room was very comfortable with cozy white beds, modern bathrooms and furnishings.


IMG_4999IMG_5677The highlight being the view, course.


I’m not sure if all the bathrooms are the same but ours only had a shower so something to consider if you are thinking of bringing kids. I actually relished the opportunity to force the girls into the shower with me— it’s so much easier and I feel like they get so much cleaner!


The KidZ Club is another huge selling point. It’s for kids four and up which used to piss me off when Mazzy was younger but now I totally understand. In order for the older kids to want to go, it has to be geared towards them.


The KidZ Club is designed beautifully so it doesn’t feel like you are throwing your kids in daycare while you have fun at the beach.


Plus (and this is the most genius part), the KidZ Club has it’s own little water park that kids only have access to if they are staying in the club.


This meant that Mazzy ASKED TO GO. When we picked her up for lunch, she was sad to leave and even though we were planning on spending the afternoon with her, she asked to go back. This was HUGE considering she totally rejected the kid’s club in Jamaica.


IMG_5640The staff at the KidZ Club is lovely and they hand out beepers to alert you if your kid is having an issue and wants you to pick them up, which is pretty great for peace of mind.


Hyatt Ziva Cancun is all-inclusive which means all food and drinks were included and unlimited. Mike and I aren’t really all-inclusive hotel people because to us, this usually means the food is not that great, but the Hyatt really has their restaurant situation figured out.


Our favorite was Moongate which is their Asian fusion restaurant. There is a hibachi grill set up on one side, there are dumplings delivered by carts and there is a Thai menu at the regular tables. We went twice to try both menus and everything was great.


Also, the hibachi chef had way more tricks up his sleeve than I have ever seen at Benihana. The kids were incredibly impressed.

Chevy’s was great for kid-friendly hamburgers and hotdogs, not to mention the restaurant centerpiece— a convertible with a booth inside. Very Pulp Fiction.


Mazzy and Harlow loved the breakfast buffet obviously (as many bread products as they could eat!) and Mike had fun teaching them his famous breakfast buffet strategy.


IMG_5670We also loved all the snack options during the day. Mike and I got coffee religiously at their impeccably designed coffee shop (with really good coffee!) and could count on a place called 24 hours for extra pancakes in the morning and chicken nuggets during the day.



Also, much to Mazzy and Harlow’s appreciation, there were various pastries and dinner rolls available for the taking all over the hotel.


Pastelles is the Hyatt Ziva Cancun’s dessert bar with assorted candy, cookies, chocolate fountains for fondue, gelato and cotton candy.


Let’s just say we visited Pastelles a few times and might have lied to Mazzy and Harlow about how much candy and cookies we were allowed to consume.



IMG_5692At 8pm each night, they have a show in the main lobby by the pool. On the last night, we were treated to some circus performers which was really fun. We mainly kept the kids out late but the first night, when the kids were dead tired, we used their babysitting service which worked out great.


In the mornings we watched the sunrise and ordered room service (when we weren’t at the buffet).


Harlow approved of the waffles.


IMG_5225During the day, we played at the beach and swam with the kids in the pool.


IMG_4151The girls could have spent all day in there if we let them, especially since they could swim up to the pool bar for free virgin strawberry daiquiris.


I also got a massage at the Spa Zen which was out of this world. The relaxation room alone is worth the price of admission.


IMG_5666Meanwhile, Mike spent a lot of time going for runs and taking advantage of their sizeable and brand new fitness center. (I have no pictures of the fitness center because I only glanced in briefly, said “wow,” and never went back once.)


In the afternoons, Mike or I would walk Harlow around in her stroller until she fell asleep.


On the rare moments that Harlow was asleep and Mazzy was in the KidZ club, I actually was able to sit and read a book.


Do you know how long it’s been since a read a book?

That alone was worth the trip.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 12.45.42 PM

Thank you Hyatt All Inclusive Resorts for inviting my family to your grand opening of Hyatt Ziva Cancun. We wish you so much success with your beautiful hotel on one of the nicest stretches of beach I’ve ever seen.


And now… for the really exciting part!

In partnership with hyatt all inclusive, I”m giving away a four day stay at the Hyatt Ziva Cancun (airfare not included)!

All you need to do is subscribe to my daily or weekly email to enter. Then leave a comment below telling me what part of Hyatt Ziva Cancun you are most excited about it. Tough choice with the free alcohol, KidZ Club water park and the ocean views! If you follow me on Instagram, you can leave a second comment on my Instagram photo for a second entry.

I’ll pick one winner on February 1st! Read the full rules here.

See? You didn’t think I’d go to Cancun and come back without a souvenir, did you? Just don’t tell Grammy. We didn’t bring her anything.

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This post was sponsored by Hyatt All Inclusive, but my love of our stay there is 100% my own!