All moms know the importance of starting our day off right, especially if we hope to conquer the morning with a positive attitude and minimal mumble-cursing. Plenty of sleep, good nutrition, and a routine that runs like clockwork are all essential.

Unfortunately, a drama-free morning is easier said than done. Even if you start your day off on the right foot, chances are, you’ll immediately plant that foot on a pile of Legos embedded in Silly Putty that someone left on the stairs. This minor error in foot placement not only has the power to ruin your entire morning, it will probably derail your entire day!

For a mom’s morning to run smoothly, we can’t afford to make even the smallest mistake. Hopefully, the list below will help you avoid the most common ones.


1) Acknowledging that you’re awake when your child hiss-whispers, “ARE YOU AWAKE?”

2) Thinking maybe they’ll go back to sleep if you let them climb in your bed.

3) Having a spleen—because if you didn’t have a spleen they couldn’t kick you there, so really it’s your fault you’re awake at 4:52 AM with a sore spleen, if you think about it.

4) Trying to slip out of bed without waking your kid up, as if that’s ever worked.

5) Attempting pre-coffee talking.

6) Groggily accepting a pile of laundry someone hands you before your brain processes the words “wet sheets.”

7) Reading Facebook and discovering that several friends have already been to the gym.

8) Commenting on those Facebook posts with your actual opinions.

9) Sitting down.

10) Attempting post-coffee talking.

11) Talking your kids into brushing their teeth…and then serving them orange juice, ensuring they’ll never go near toothpaste or vitamin C ever again.

12) Answering a call from your MIL, as if she’s capable of having conversations that are shorter than eternity.

13) Running out of the cereal your kids hated yesterday but is their absolute favorite today.

14) Letting your children pour their own milk.

15) Trying to eat your own breakfast without it being sampled, spilled, or sneezed on.

16) Putting off a shower, as if later you’ll have all kinds of time and privacy.

17) Attempting to detangle your child’s hair.

18) Assuming that the long silence in the bathroom means your kid is pooping, when really they’re just feeding an entire roll of TP straight into the toilet.

19) Wearing socks into the bathroom, as if there’s a chance the floor will be dry.

20) Believing your kids when they say they only want to watch cartoons “for a minute.”

21) Eating a strawberry off your kid’s plate, sending them into a tantrum spiral because NOW THEY HAVE ONE LESS STRAWBERRY.

22) Feeding the baby while wearing the shirt you plan to wear that day.

23) Feeding the baby without covering the kitchen in a tarp first.

24) Acknowledging that the iPad exists and has more than 1% battery life.

25) Letting the dog out before noticing the yard became a giant rain-soaked mud pit overnight.

26) Letting the dog back in.

27) Having carpeted floors.

28) Assuming the kids are getting ready just because you said the words, “Get ready.”

29) Daring to hope that the ONE pair of pants your kid will agree to wear is in the basket of unfolded clean laundry.

30) Stress-eating several mini Twix while you wait for the kids to find their shoes.

31) Waiting too long before escalating to your “I mean business!” voice.

32) Wasting 20 minutes searching for a toy that your kid wants to bring to school when yesterday you vaguely remember instituting a “no bringing toys to school” rule.

33) Explaining to your kids that you need to leave RIGHT NOW in order to be on time, when your kids have no concept of time or understanding of urgency.

34) Forgetting to ask if anyone needs to go potty.

35) Checking fewer than 4,826 times to make sure you have everything before leaving the house.

36) Locking the door 0.2 seconds before your child announces that—of course—they forgot something inside the house.

37) Leaving the house without a snack for your toddler.

38) Leaving the house without a backup snack for your toddler when she rejects the first snack.

39) Leaving the house without every piece of clothing, sporting equipment, baby product, and smart device you’ve ever owned.

40) Leaving the house when your car keys are inside, on the kitchen counter, on the other side of the locked door.

41) Really, trying to leave the house at all, for any reason.


This post was written by Robyn Welling. To read more from Robyn, visit Hollow Tree Ventures.

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