Remember a few weeks ago when I spent a day trekking around Manhattan in a variety of Børn shoes to see if they were comfortable enough for me to speed walk across town and back for my pedestrian commute?

They passed.

Yesterday, I was back at it again with three more pairs. This time Abby and I were on the hunt for fun tiled floors, like the ones you see in one of my favorite Instagram accounts— @ihavethisthingwithfloors.

We stumbled on this blue and yellow tiled floor at The Standard Hotel cafe on Bowery. It goes with my new denim Lucee sandals perfectly.


I tend to wear the same clothes all the time so I had to work really hard to form three new outfits different from the last post. I pulled out the skirt above that I literally have not worn since my wedding weekend. Usually, my mom uniform is either pants or pulling a dress over my head that doesn’t require me to create an outfit. It’s nice to switch things up every once and awhile.

Doesn’t it really work with these shoes? New outfit in rotation alert!

It was early so we sat down and had a coffee. I tried to look inconspicuous as Abby snapped away.


Oh my god, how do fashion bloggers do it without feeling ridiculous??? I don’t know why it is so hard to take photos all by yourself.

“Laugh at something that’s happening on your left!” screamed Abby.

“Is something funny happening to my left?”

“No. Just pretend!”

“HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!” Oh my god I felt like an idiot. But what I’ve learned is that when you feel like an idiot, you take the best shots.


The Lucee is almost like a flatform shoe and it’s got a cushioned insole that is super comfortable. I wore them two days in a row and got TONS of compliments on them.

Then it was a quick outfit switcheroo to a floral print dress I bought recently, which was definitely a change from what I normally purchase. For one thing, it has a waist. I tend to wear a-line dresses or potato sacks to give no hint to my body underneath whatsoever, but for some reason this dress works on me.


I paired the dress with the red Emmy platform sandals. The platform has less of an incline than it appears, so they look somehow fancy and casual at once.

We ducked into a little Mexican grocery store called Miscelanea which had some fun black and white tiled floors.


I actually ended up wearing these the rest of the day.


The next day, we walked over to Tacombi for lunch, which is a taco shop on University Place and 13th Street. This time Pam came with us so when I’m laughing in the photos, I am actually laughing at Pam who is trying to make me laugh.


FYI, getting a photo taken of yourself in a public place with an entourage is even more bizarre.

“Act natural!” screamed Abby.

“That’s impossible!” I screamed back.


But check out how cute my gold Marcia gladiator sandals look!! Usually, I find thong sandals really uncomfortable but these have a cushioned insole so your feet sink in and don’t slide. The thong becomes a nice design feature without destroying the skin inbetween your toes. They also have a slight rubber heel so you won’t wreck them on city sidewalks.

I think these might be the sandals I live in all summer.


I’m going spend July and august having Abby follow me with a camera and make Pam come with us so I have someone to fake laugh with when I look to my left like an idiot.

Actually, scratch that. I’ll be in my office.

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