I am an official brand ambassador for Mini Babybel® in 2016. While I receive compensation for participation as a brand advocate, opinions are my own.

In the final video of my “Parenting Advice with Kids” series, Mazzy and her friends tell me a thing or two about how to institute a proper bedtime routine. 

Note: You should watch Mazzy’s eyes dart around like a crazy person when I mention that I am having trouble putting my “daughters” to sleep. Textbook “Whoooo ME??????” reaction.

I don’t know that we really found a bedtime solution but at the very least they showed me why parenting is a ridiculously hard job.

Just like Mazzy and six-year-old friends are doling out adult-sized advice, Mini Babybel packs a big taste in a small package.

Mini Babybel is a 100% natural cheese that delivers at least 4 grams of protein and 15% of your daily calcium needs for 70 calories or less, making it a much better bang for your lunchbox than a baggie of goldfish or pretzels. 


Its signature red-wax-packaging makes it an easy on-the-go snack because kids can easily open them up for themselves. I’ve been bringing them into the office for snacks too.


Today, I’m giving out the last $200 Amex gift card + a year supply Mini Babybel cheese. To enter, you must subscribe to the Mommy Shorts YouTube Channel. Then like the video and leave a comment underneath the video on YouTube letting me know if you enjoyed the series. I’d love Mini Babybel to know if you want to see more! Winner will be announced on March 11th.

Congratulations to Keren Murphy, who is last week’s winner! Please contact to claim your prize.

Thanks to Mini Babybel for being such a great partner. This series was so much fun to make!