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Remember a few years ago, when I took Mazzy on a kiddie park ride called the “Happy Swing” and almost lost my lunch in mid-air? And then I finally understood why my mother insisted I go on all the rides with my dad, while she waited on the ground?

She wasn’t lame or afraid. SHE KNEW THE LIMITS OF HER STOMACH.

God, it’s sad how your composition changes as you get older. I just can’t handle Lightning Loops or the Gravitron like when I was twelve. Recently, I saw the Zipper at a carnival and almost puked on sight alone. WHAT CRAZY PERSON RIDES THAT THING??? (Me, at fifteen with a crush on boy who suggested it, that’s who.)

Anyway, American Express liked the “Happy Swing” story so much, they decided to turn it into an animated cartoon for their #EveryDayMoments campaign, just like they did with my “Magical Printer” story last week.

FYI- There are few things I can give my husband that surprise him, but the animated version of himself did the job. If this video gets more views than the last one, I’m pretty sure Mike will attribute it all to his involvement.


If you like this video, check out my “Magical Printer” animated story too.

In addition to watching our two videos about a billion times, Mazzy has gotten really into watching the rest of the American Express #EverydayMoments videos as well. They are all internet personalities telling stories about family bonding moments and much less disturbing/questionable/annoying than that horrid woman who creates the DisneyCarToys videos, so I am all for it.