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This was Mazzy’s first year as a Brownie, which meant it was our first year selling Girl Scout cookies. I alluded to it on Facebook and Instagram and people saw us actually going door to door on Snapchat (ilanawiles), but I didn’t set up a way for Mazzy to sell online.

A lot of my readers asked if there was a way they could purchase cookies from Mazzy, but in my head, I thought it was best that she do it the old fashioned way— door to door. I don’t think she would have understood sales and motivation and earning incentives if I just blasted it out to all my social channels and suddenly she earned a trip to Girl Scout Camp.

Instead, we set a goal and then Mazzy had to actually do the work. She made me proud when she randomly hit up the family we ride the bus with to school and when she suggested we ask the guy at our local pizza place if he wanted to buy a box.

In the end, Mazzy sold 70 boxes. Nothing crazy, but all on her own.

Now, if she had come up with the idea to sell cookies outside a pot dispensary like the Girl Scout in the video below, that would have been truly genius. This happened a couple years ago but it just started resurfacing this week, probably because people are anxiously awaiting their Thin Mints.

I guess we’d have to have the cookies in hand instead of advance orders to really make a killing.