Are you feeling lethargic? Getting frequent headaches? Feeling a loss of identity? Do you rarely if ever get time to yourself anymore? Well then, you might be suffering from PARENTING.

Don’t worry, there’s a cure. It’s called Aphukenbrake, and I refuse to to spoil the surprise by telling you how to pronounce it.

The “pharmaceutical” ad below was created by “The Dad Online” and it’s hilarious. Although, I’m gonna be that mom for a second and say I can’t help but think how many more symptoms this video could list if it starred a woman. Or about how my husband and many of my friends’ husbands (who are all very good and involved fathers, mind you) have absolutely no problem taking breaks, all the fucking time. It’s become a running joke amongst us. “Where’s Mike?” “Oh, he’s on break.”

But now I just sound bitter. I know, I know. It’s not a competition. I’m sorry. Enjoy this video. It’s really funny, for all parents equally.

But seriously, why is it more acceptable for dads to step out for a break? I’m not trying to sound like an asshole. This is a real question I have.

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