Last night, I spoke at a media event to kick off a new partnership with TJ Maxx. Look at me on the poster! No, that poster will not be appearing in stores (as someone asked on Instagram). It was merely signage for the event, so please do not complain to management if you don’t see my huge head smiling at you when you walk into your local store.

To prepare for the event, I had to go shopping at TJ Maxx to find an outfit.


I know— I’ve got a tough job.

Thank god they have carts, because I took half the store into the dressing room.


I chose a simple pink dress with ridiculously high mules (which I carried in a bag to the event because I cannot walk in high heels like when I was 25 anymore).

Here’s me right before the event.


Is it legal for a 40-year-old to take a bathroom selfie?

Of course, I didn’t just walk out of TJ Maxx with one outfit. I walked out with a pair of low navy boots, a pair of silver flats, a sweater poncho, a necklace, two pairs of black pants (one with leather seams down the side) and a few new shirts. I find it almost impossible to walk out of TJ Maxx with only what you came there for.

Especially when their wall of shoes in my size looks like this:


Case in point: Last November, I went to Rhode Island with some friends. I forgot to pack socks and my friends agreed to stop at a TJ Maxx so I could buy some for the trip. Once there, we all stumbled into the toy section, saw the plethora of Frozen paraphernalia and spent the next hour doing all our Christmas shopping for the seven kids between us in one fell swoop.

The four of us walked out of the store with two huge bags a piece that day. We looked like TJ Maxx branded Santa Clauses. All because I went in to purchase a pair of socks.

TJ Maxx’s new Maxximizer campaign is all about resourceful women (like the ones who get their sock shopping and their Christmas shopping done at once) who juggle family, work and friends and somehow find a way to make it work. They get the most out of life everyday, even if they don’t complete their to-do list.

That’s okay, you know. There’s always tomorrow.


TJ Maxx did a survey that found even though women accomplish so many things every day, only 19% would call themselves remarkable. Women were much more likely to call themselves average.

Since I’ve build an entire Instagram account around the idea of being average, I can relate.

TJ Maxx wants to encourage women to give themselves credit and help them realize they are remarkable. You can check out this video which made me cry both times I watched it. Something about kids recognizing the sacrifices of their parents gets me in the feels every time.

As part of my new partnership, TJ Maxx just launched an online shop exclusively curated by me!

I selected items that can help you get the most out of your life everyday. Clothes you can wear out or to work but also stuff that’s comfortable enough to wear while you are playing on the floor with your kids. I’ve got bags big enough to hold your work stuff along with snacks for your kids when you pick them up after school, and trendy home décor that will add a pop of color to every room. Plus, I’ve got rain boots, walking shoes and lots of transitional layers great for walking the streets of Manhattan as the seasons change. Oh, and can’t forget books and games for kids!

TJ Maxx Graphic

As a New Yorker, I walk everywhere— to drop my kids off at school, to work, to events, to school pick-up and then back home again. If Mike and I go out in the evening to dinner or a movie (which is almost never), we will usually walk there too. I know what clothing can get me across town and back on foot while braving the elements.

Check out my shop here!

Thanks to TJ Maxx for partnering with me. You’ve been a long time favorite of mine, ever since my mom (the original maxximizer) started taking me there to shop as a kid.