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Last year, American Express animated a few of my blog posts for their EveryDay Moments campaign. There was the time I took Mazzy to an amusement park and almost threw up on myself and the time I amazed Mazzy by the wonders of paper technology by actually printing out a photo instead of showing it to her on a computer.

There was also the time I tried to video chat with a two-year-old Mazzy while on a business trip, but for some reason I never posted it on my blog. I posted it on Facebook and always meant to post it here too, but just never got around to it.

Anyway, last night Mazzy asked to watch the “Mazzy cartoons” and I pulled up the video I never posted and realized it has almost 2 million views on YouTube! WHAAAA????? How did I not know that??

So, here you go. Clearly, the best “Mazzy cartoon” of the bunch. Sorry I neglected to post until now!

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