As of right now, there are over 250 kids submitted into the "Evil Baby Glare-Off". I am about to begin the arduous process of narrowing them down to the TOP 32 for the tournament.

If you would like to assist me, please go to the Evil Baby Glare-Off album and "like" all of your favorites. The finalists WILL NOT be determined by popular vote (because some of you have way more supportive facebook networks than others), but it will help me with the process.

I will still accept new entries right up until the end, but the sooner you get them in, the better.

Particularly since, all next week, I will be holding preliminary rounds on the Mommy Shorts Facebook Fanpage every day at 3pm. WATCH FOR THEM. 

The final 32 will be announced next Friday, October 12th. Then, all normal Mommy Shorts postings will come to a halt and my blog will be dedicated solely to the tournament the week of October 15th, with the winner being announced on Monday, October 22nd. 

What will the evilest baby win?


1) $100 Gift Card to GILT CHILDREN

Gilt Children offers luxe, high quality products for babies, kids and moms-to-be at up to 60% off. Here is a small sampling of what is currently on sale:


2) $30 Home Kit from METHOD (including all-purpose cleaner, wood floor cleaner, laundry deteregent, handwash, dishsoap and glass cleaner) to help clean up after your little hellion.


3) A toddler Skull Pom Pom Hat and Sugar Skull Kid's Belt from SOURPUSS KIDS


4) A framed poster of the completed tournament bracket


5) A Mommy Shorts Evil Baby Glare-Off Onesie or T-Shirt (from my Zazzle Shop)



1) $50 Gift Card to GILT KIDS

2) $30 Home Kit from Method Cleaning Products

3) A Mommy Shorts Evil Baby Glare-Off Onesie or T-Shirt


The MOMMY SHORTS MUG of Your Choosing

But what if I don't have a kid competing in the tournament, does that mean the whole week is a wash??? 

Nope. Every day of the Glare-Off, I will be holding a giveaway eligible to all readers whether they are in the contest or not. I have awesome giveaways planned from Piccolini, Beatrix NY, Just Pretend Kids, BB Blocks and North American Bear Company.

So in the end, there will be many winners.

Except maybe, the parents of the evil little thing that takes home the grand prize. I bet those poor people will be fighting a losing battle for the rest of their lives.



Oreck-versavacWho would have thought the time your kid poured corn starch and Elmer's Glue on your carpet could lead to anything good???

Well, the Oreck VersaVac giveaway is still going as planned (winner will be selected at random), but because Oreck is AWESOME, they have agreed to give away a SECOND VersaVac to the entry with the most unfortunate mess.

I'll be holding a comment competition to determine the second winner next Thursday. If you have yet to enter your kid's messiest moment, you can do so here.



Yesterday's post pitted Mike and Mazzy against eachother in a Sesame Street themed drawing competition.

Mazzy won Elmo, Mike won Cookie Monster and then in an exciting turn of events, Mike's Abby Cadabby was disqualified. Which means, Mazzy prevailed. 

I want to take a moment to thank my husband for having the best sense of humor on earth and letting me mock him publicly. Not every man would let his yellow-eyed hairless Elmo be published for the world to see.


One more thing— as of yesterday, I finally have my site optimized for mobile, per your request. I did it in a way that it should show up on your phone but not on a iPad. Check it out and let me know what you think!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I'll be going apple picking and to a birthday party. Mazzy is very excited. We have yet to tell her the birthday party is for a man turning 80 at a sushi restaurant.

See you back here next week!

— Mommy Shorts