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Remember the MTV show Cribs where you’d get an inside tour of a celebrity’s mansion? Expectant father Bryan Canatella decided to parody the show with an MTV Cribs style tour of his unborn baby’s new nursery, including an ACTUAL CRIB.

44 square feet of baby nursery might not be as impressive as Shaq’s Superman-themed bedroom or Mariah Carey’s closet, but the music is dead-on and his delivery is hilarious.

The only thing missing from Bryan’s version are the gratuitous cutaway shots to inside the fridge. For some reason, nothing says “celebs are better than you” quite like seeing their incredibly organized massive refrigerators filled with cold pressed juices and organic high end ice cream.

I can’t wait to see what videos this Dad produces once his baby is born. The Real World: Parents Edition would be AMAZING.

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