The Mommy Shorts BTS Gift Guie 2015

Back-to-school is in full swing with everyone on Facebook seemingly starting the school year in August— what is up with that??? It’s still summer! Luckily, I live on the Northeast, where school starts when it should— at the beginning of September.

The rest of the country is CRAZY.

In order to ease those back-to-school jitters and take the edge of your brand new morning routines (IF WE DON’T LEAVE NOW, YOU’LL MISS CIRCLE TIME!!!!!!), I’ve put together a back-to-school guide for parents and kids alike.

There’s also lots of exclusive promo codes throughout and a big giveaway at the end, so make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to win over $500 in prizes. You know, like how you missed the signature on that lice check form and now you’re stuck with your kid at home another day.

Here are 60 items that will get you and your kids through the school year with an A+ in Student Preparedness. If only that counted on their school transcripts….

Backpacks That Your Kid Won't Make You Carry To School

If your daughter is anything like mine, your kids ask you to carry their bags. It’s important to find a bag your kid will be proud to carry all on their own.

1) Apple Park Purple Who Owl Backpack; 2) Mad Pax Spiketus Rex Half Pack; 3) Chooze Shoes Choosepack in “Crave”; 4) So Young Blue Robot Backpack; 5) Land Of Nod Teacher’s Pet Unicorn Backpack.

Special Offer:

To receive 20% off on all Apple Park products, use the code MS20 at check-out. Promo code valid from August 17-31st.

Wheels that Will get your kid to school on time

1) Micro Maxi Kickboard; 2) Micro Helmets; 3) Elbow & Knee Pads. 

Mazzy loves scooting to school on her Micro Maxi Kickboard. Not only does it cut the commute time by half, it’s lightweight, foldable and easy to carry or stow in a locker. Designed for ages 5-12, the Maxi is has exceptionally strong construction and is extremely easy to brake and maneuver. Even Harlow can do it!


Get 20% off the Pink and Blue Maxi using code BACKTOSCHOOL from Aug.24-Aug 31st.

Shoes That Will Make Your Kid Forget About Sandals

Sandals are the best thing about summer but with these new kicks, hopefully your kid will forget all about their flip-flops and Birkenstocks.

1) Mini Boden Girls Short Leather Boots; 2) Chooze Scout Loafer in “Rock”; 3) Chuck Taylor Allstar Shine; 4) Girls Slide Glitter Sneakers in Silver; 5) Cole Haan Boys Oxford.


Click here for an automatic 15% off all Mini Boden clothes + Free shipping.

Mealtime accessories that might get your kid to eat their lunch

There is nothing more frustrating than opening your kids lunchbox at the end of the day and discovering a fully packed meal untouched inside. These fun colorful lunchbox accessories might make your kid’s food a bit more enticing.

1) Gourmet Getaway Lunch Tote; 2) 3-Pack Spork Set; 3) Minion Thermos Funtainer; 4) Silicone Cupcake Holders; 5) Munchkin Silly Sandwich Cutters; 6) Trio Stainless Steel Bento Box.

Layers That Will Take Your Kids' Summer Clothes Into Fall

This year, I was introduced to kid’s clothes from Lands’ End and I found they make adorably stylish high quality items for kids of all sizes. I’m particularly fond of their cardigans and hoodies which come in many colors and styles for girls and boys and are perfect for layering over your kid’s favorite summer outfit and calling it FALL.

1) Lands’ End Boys Long Sleeve Colorblock Sherpa Hoodie; 2) Lands’ End Girls Solid Tuck Stitch Cardigan in Coral.

School Supplies that will get your kid excited about homeowkr

My girls aren’t up to homework stage yet but when I am, you can bet I’ll be buying supplies that up the fun factor. You know, so I can steal them.

1) Zoey Mini 3-ring Binder; 2) Staple-free Stapler; 3) Poppin Acrylic Rulers; 4) Draw It Yourself Calculator; 5) Sweet Talk Pen Set; 6) Gold Icons Notebook Set; 7) Take 5 Wall Bin.

Portable Chargers That Give On-The-Go Parents a Back-Up Plan

1) MyCharge AMP Plus w/ USB; 2) MyCharge AMP Mini; 3) MyCharge AMP Max w/ USB.

When you’re on-the-go from drop-off to swim practice to all the errands you need to run in between, smart parents know to carry a portable back-up charger at all times. The myCharge Amp series is so small they can easily fit in mom’s purse, dad’s pocket or little junior’s backpack, with pretty significant extra juice. The AMP Mini provides 15 additional hours of talktime, the AMP Plus delivers 22 and the AMP Max (which charges smart phones as well as tablets) comes in at a whooping 45 additional hours.

Special Offer:

Get 40% off the Amp series by using code SCHOOL.

Hair Accessories That Will Tame Your Wild Child's Mane

Everyone knows Mazzy’s got a crazy thick head of hair, which is gorgeous but a beast to maintain. Harlow is rarely seen without her signature pigtails (aka “pinkie tails”) so TRUST ME, I am the person to ask for hair accessory recommendations.

1) The Wetbrush Detangling Shower Brush; 2) Goody Girls Sassy Barrettes; 3) Janie & Jack Blossom Headband; 4) Hair Braid Bands; 5) Hair Braid Headband; 6) Frozen Fever Hairstyles Book.

Snack Bags With A Space for Washable Lunch Notes

Check out these easy-to-clean reusable snack bags from Spbang! Not only can you toss them in the dishwasher, they have a space to write notes in non-permanent marker that comes clean in the rinse cycle too! Spbang’s snack bags are durable, eco-friendly and crafted with food safe materials that contains no lead, no BPA and no phthalates.

SPecial offer:

Get 25% off all spbang products with the code MOMMYSHORTS; valid until September 31st.

Toiletries That Will Help Families In Need of Clean Water

If you want to stock up on must-have toiletries while teaching your kids how to make a positive difference in the world, shop at Walgreens and Duane Reade who are donating to Give H2OPE to Others during the back-to-school season. Every TRESemme®, Suave® or Caress® product purchased between July 26 and September 30 will result in 5 gallons of clean water given to families in need. Kids can visit to see exactly where the water is donated, to help them understand how they are making a positive impact in other people’s lives.

1) Suave Shampoo & Conditioner; 2) Tresemme Hairspray; 3) Caress Daily Silk Body Wash; 4) Caress Bar Soap.

New ClothesThat Your kids will wnat to put on themselves

Finding clothes that make kids want to take off their pajamas and get ready for the day is harder than it sounds. These fun items will hopefully have your kid dressed and ready before you’re halfway out the door.

1) Mini Boden Sparkle Jersey Dress; 2) Polka Dot Ankle Socks; 3) Ruby & Bloom Pink Tulle Skirt; 4) Boys Dinosaur Boxers; 5) Gymboree “High Five” Long Sleeve Tee; 6) Girls Everyday Leggings in Wild Horses Print.


Click here for an automatic 15% off all Mini Boden clothes + Free shipping.

Pouches That Make Fruit Super Snackable

Once you’ve made a sandwich and remembered to include a drink, you need a variety of no-fuss snacks easy to toss in your kid’s lunchbox. Plum Organics Fruit & Veggie Mashups are the perfect healthy treat, made from organic fruits and veggies mixed and mashed into squeezable purees. Mashups use USDA-Certified Organic apples and 25% less sugar than the leading applesauce pouch.

special offer:

Get 20% off any Mashups purchase at the Plum Store using code MASHUPS20 at checkout.

School Supplies for the Kid away from Mom & Dad for the first time

There’s nothing more emotional than sending your baby to preschool for the first time. These items will help your kid get through the day, even if he’s without mom and dad.

1) Sticky Bellies ‘Picture Me Proud’ Posters; 2) Puffs Soft Pack; 3) Day of the Week Undies; 4) Melissa & Doug Triangular Crayons; 5) Pocket Frenz Hoodie with ultra soft tactile tabs hidden in the pockets 6) Kidecals Custom Clothing Labels; 7) Melissa & Doug Triangular Crayons; 8) Hello Kitty Band-Aids.

Special Offer:

Get 10% off Sticky Bellies ‘Picture Me Proud’ Posters using the code MAZZY10; valid through 9/30.

Breakfast Ideas That Won't Slow Down Your Morning

Like Harlow, many kids start their school day with cereal and I’m a big believer that parents should not feel bad about that. Over the years, General Mills has made whole grain the first ingredient in all their cereals and reduced sugar. Currently, more than half of General Mills cereals are made without artificial flavors or colors from artificial sources and they will continue working until artificial ingredients are removed from all of them— even Lucky Charms. Come September, five varieties of Gluten Free Cheerios will be available.


No back-to-school guide would be complete without a back-to-school giveaway! Today, one lucky reader is getting a prize pack worth over $500.

Giveaway Graphic

The prize pack includes 1) Micro Maxi Kickboard; 2) $50 to Walgreen from Unilever; 3) mycharge AMP Max, Amp Plus and Amp Mini; 4) $50 Lands’ End gift card; 5) $75 worth of Plum Mashups; 6) set of 3 dishwasher safe reusable bags from spbang; and 7) Two cases of your favorite General Mills cereal plus one case to donate to your favorite charity.

To enter:

You must be a Mommy Shorts daily or weekly subscriber to enter. Then leave a comment below telling me what grades your kids are going into this fall and what they currently want to be when they grow up.

FYI, Mazzy wants to be an artist who sells ice cream on the side. Practical.


And the winner is…. Jackie Siska. She says: “Pre-school! My first time sending my kid off. *tear*. I just asked him what he wants to be when he grows up and he said “yes”… We will work on it.” Congrats! Please contact to claim your prize!