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This week’s kid news involves twins who want you to mind your own business, a baby with brand new glasses, and a lost teddy bear wandering around Canada looking for his rightful owner.

1) Sisters Answer All your Burning Questions about Being Twins

An Australian mom (mum?) got fed up with strangers asking questions about her adorable twin daughters. To appease strangers and amuse her facebook friends, she decided to write all possible responses to your burning questions on a piece of poster board. Then she propped it up on her girls’ stroller.

These twins should be psyched they have a mom who approaches intrusive questions with a sense of humor. I would have no patience for that shit.

I REALLY wanted to leave these signs on the pram today. As a twin mum, you get asked a series of questions/hear a series…

Posted by Uncanny Annie on Thursday, July 9, 2015


2)  Baby Piper Gets New Glasses

Farsighted 10 month-old Piper got glasses, letting her see her parents clearly for the very first time. The awestruck expression on her face basically broke the Internet this week. May we all be shown this much adoration from our children at some point in our lives.

3) Lost Bear is Looking for His Family

The Regina’s Royal Saskatchewan Museum staff found a well-loved teddy bear and decided to use Twitter to find his rightful owner. Between dinosaur meet-ups and bear encounters, #LostBear has had enough adventures to put Corduroy to shame.

Even the Vancouver Police got in on the action, proving there must be way less crime in Canada than there is here in the USA. (Let’s all move there, shall we?)

4) Toddler Drops Everything to Whip/Nae Nae

Just when I thought there could be nothing cuter than a 6yo dancing the Whip/Nae Nae, NFL player Torrey Smith posted a video perfectly capturing what it looks like when your toddler’s favorite jam comes on the radio. Or comes on Spotify. Or Pandora. Or wherever music comes from these days.

When you thought you were done turning up but your song comes on A video posted by Torrey Smith (@torreysmithwr) on

6) Harlow ate a cob of corn

I don’t know when two-year-old Harlow decided corn on the cob was her favorite food, but now she can be seen chowing down on Instagram. Reportedly, she asked her mom if she wanted to take a bite, only to turn around and say, “No! It’s mine!”

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 6.01.58 AM

7) Mazzy Uses Impossibly Cute Face to Beg for Candy

While at a fancy french picnic in the Hamptons, 5yo Mazzy spied a candy table and knew this was the perfect moment to ask mom for sweets. Mom, who was busy wondering how she scored this invite to begin with, was forced to choose between rationalizing with an angry kindergartener at a posh party or ensuring good behavior by plying her daughter with marshmallows and lemonade.

Mom chose the latter. Wouldn’t you?

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 1.28.03 PM

Any news stories about babies, toddlers, kids I missed? Maybe your own? Write a headline for something your kid did this week.