Last week I started a search for “The Biggest Mess Created by the Littlest Kid” for the chance to win an $1000 Target gift card and a whole bunch of cleaning products from Seventh Generation. Since then, I’ve been weeding through diaper cream disasters, play date wreckage and one two many situations involving poo. EW.

FYI, if you want to teach your little ones a lesson by making them clean up their messes, you probably want to use eco-friendly products free from scary chemicals that don’t require your kids to wear rubber gloves, masks and hazmat suits.

Here are your 37 biggest messes so far:

1) The time your baby overdid it with the baby powder

Bridgit Christian‎


2) The time your kid painted the playroom with peanut butter

Lauren Leith


3) The time your baby helped you open a package

Danelle Darington Price‎


4) The time your daughter baked herself into a cake


5) the time you thanked god it wasnt a sharpie

Loni DeStefano Butlin


6) seriously, thank god for washable markers



7) the time the chocolate pudding didnt make it to your kid’s mouth



8) the time your kid conducted a baking soda experiment



9) the time your kid trIed to make you breakfast



10) the time your son played in a bucket of ashes (I hope that wasn’t a relative)



11) the time your daughters found an ink pad and turned themselves into smurfs

Kathy Kane Lacourse


12) the time your daughter covered her hair in ointment and you tried to soak up the oil with baby powder which made her look like martha washington

LJ Jones


13) The time your kid ripped open a bean bag chair

Sage Rogers


14) the time you realized keeping flour in the bottom drawer is a bad idea

Lynsey Augustus Larson


15) The time your kid got into the strawberry bath gel and it looked like a scene from breaking bad

Amber Katrina Baker 7


16) the time your kid dumped baby powder in the backseat

Amber Katrina Baker 2


17) the time your kid dumped blueberries into the vent



18) the time your daughter thought your toilet needed a little under eye concealer



19) the time your baby broke into the chocolate pie



20) The time your son spread chocolate pudding on the couch



21) the time your kid tried to make his own bottle

Olivia Mitchell


22) the time your daughter poured her own milk



23) the time you caught your kid redhanded with your lipstick

Mandi M Karn


24) the time your son got into the saran wrap

Erin Peterson‎


25) The time your daughter got into the diaper cream

Christine Pritchard


26) the time your baby left a trail of baby powder so you could find him

Maria Cullen


27) The time your kids made a sandbox in your kitchen



28) the time your son thought he needed a shave



29) The time you gave your kids the economy-sized box of goldfish

Jennifer Armocida Sullivan


30) The time your kid set the record for most crumbs on the floor

Brighid Uddyback


31) the time your kids painted your duvet

candiikaine 2


32) the time your kid binged on breakfast cereal

Jessica Grace Jurak


33) The time your son experimented with foundation

Amber Katrina Baker 5


34) the time your son thought your carpet needed a pop of yellow

Jamie Kluz Trout


35) the time your daughter offered to help you paint the wall

Tara Pratt


36) the time your daughter took toothbrushing to the next level



37) that time your baby attempted the cinnamon challenge


The contest is not over yet so you can still enter your kids’ biggest messes to win! And please comment with which photo is your biggest nightmare to help me narrow down to the finalists.

Five winners will receive $50 worth of Seventh Generation products and one grand prize winner will receive a $1000 Target gift card.

seventh Generation prize

Post your photos on the Mommy Shorts Facebook page or on Instagram with the hashtag #bigmesslittlekid. If you enter on Instagram, make sure you tag and follow both @mommyshorts and @seventhgeneration to win.

I’ll be posting my favorites over the next few weeks and finalists will be put to a vote on August 7th. The winner will be announced on August 14th.

You can see the full rules here.

All Seventh Generation products are plant-based formulas that are safe and effective, not only for your home and family, but designed with the planet and future generations in mind.


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I strongly suggest getting your kids on the cleaning train as early as possible!

Especially if they are going to create messes as big as the ones above.


This post was sponsored by Seventh Generation, but all kids and messes are your own.