Once upon a time, I wrote a blog post about a little girl who made paper dresses with her mom. At the time, @2sisters_angie had exactly 1011 followers on Instagram. That post went viral and by the end of the day, Angie had over 80K.

She thanked me by posting a photo of Mayhem in one of her signature paper dresses that said “I Love NY”, which earned my instagram account a bunch of new followers too. (Thanks for that, Angie!)


By the end of the week, @2sisters_angie was well over 200K and today, she and her pint-sized fashion superstar known as “Fashion By Mayhem” have 489K followers.

Over the past year, Angie and Mayhem have collaborated with a dream team of supporters like Ellen, Vogue and Barbie.


But their most exciting collaboration is definitely their new “Fashion By Mayhem” collection recently debuted at J.Crew.

Mayhem came to New York and helped crew cuts head designer Jenny Cooper put together the line. You can read my interview with Angie about the experience here.


To thank me for that initial post (and because she is a longtime Mommy Shorts reader), Angie sent Mazzy and Harlow their very own pieces from the “Fashion By Mayhem” collection.

Shoes included.






You can check out the full J. Crew collection here.

I can’t tell you how much my girls love their new clothes. Mazzy wore the dress to school the next day and told everyone who would listen that a girl her age made it. She also asked me if she could see a picture of Mayhem, to which I proudly pulled out my phone and watched Mazzy scroll through Angie’s entire Instagram account, learning a little bit more about the pint-sized designer with every picture.

“Can I have a playdate with her, Mom?”

Yes, Mazzy, I promise. We will make the Mazzy/Mayhem playdate happen!

Especially if she keeps traveling to New York City for fashion week.

Congratulations on all your success, Angie and Mayhem!


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