GIVEAWAY: Evenflo ProComfort Symphony DLX Car Seat

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Two weeks ago, when I talked about how I spend all my time at the house shuttling my kids around in the car, someone said I was doing too much. I should just open the door and toss them outside.

Point taken. The ability to "toss the kids outside" was one of the main reasons we bought the house. 

But, try as I might, I keep winding up at Target or the supermarket and nothing can get me out of driving Mazzy to camp. I gave her a map and a good pair of sneakers but she just looked at me blankly and I was like, "Oh, alright, get in the car."

And then, poor Harlow. The girl has taken a backseat to Mazzy since she was born. Her whole life is basically spent napping or taking Mazzy wherever she needs to go. That's why, instead of just plopping Harlow in the car while I do errands, I decided to take her somewhere for real. I was even going to take Harlow while Mazzy was in camp, so I wouldn't spend the whole time chasing and chastising my four-year-old. 

Is it just me or can four-year-olds really ruin a family outing?

Yesterday, I drove Harlow out to Harbes Farms in the North Fork which has a farmer's market, a picnic area and a petting zoo. They've got pony rides and pig races on the weekends, but this was a Monday and Harlow had never seen a live animal besides a dog (poor deprived child), so she wouldn't have any idea what she was missing.

Harlow rode there in style in her new Symphony DLX car seat, part of Evenflo's new ProComfort Series, sold online and at Target. That's the one area Harlow seems to have it better than her sisterβ€” car seat comfort.

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The ProComfort Series was created because Evenflo realized carseat safety is not just about minimizing the impact of an accident, it's about minimizing distractions from the road due to parents attending to children who are uncomfortable. The ProComfort Series uses innovative gel matrix technology which reduces pressure point build-up alleviating discomfort (short term and long term) for a safer, more peaceful ride.

Harlow fell asleep in the car on the way, even though it wasn't her naptime, becauseβ€” DUHβ€” COMFORT, which made me wonder if perhaps Evenflo should start making adult car seats and then I was like, no, falling asleep at the wheel would be a bad thing, so let's forget I mentioned it.

Stick with the children, Evenflo, thanks.

Harlow is hit or miss when we take her new places. She can get excited and want to run around, or she can get scared and want me to hold her the entire time. Luckily, the farm sparked something in her immediately.

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First, we had a picnic lunch. I bought us both watermelon and fresh corn on the cob from the farm stand.

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Photo 1

FYI- Harlow calls corn on the cob "Harlow's corn" and don't you try to call it anything different. 

Photo 1 (20)-better

Then I let her run around the farm, but we didn't get far. Three steps in and Harlow saw the chicken coop.

"Chickens!" she screamed and bolted over like they were each standing there holding out a present for her. (Check out Harlow shrieking "chickens" on instagram).

Then she moved onto the billy goats. I pointed out a baby goat and she went nuts.

"Baby baby baby baby baby!!!!"

Then she saw some bearded goats which she insisted on giving each an air kiss. SMART CHOICE.

And lastly, and best of all, she saw the sheep. Harlow stuck her little hand through the gate and touched the tip of one sheep's nose.

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Photo 5 (3)

"I touched it!!!!" she screamed before she went back for more. Then she spent the next half hour poking her fingers through the fence, waiting for one of the sheep to press his nose up against her little hand. Each time her hand got nuzzled, she started squealing with delight and ran in circles.

Oh goodie, I've got video.


I could have watched her do that ALL DAY.

But alas, it was time to pick Mazzy up from camp. (Isn't it always?)

Ten baby wipes and a bottle of hand sanitizer later, we were back in the car, on the road once again.

Good thing Harlow fell asleep in her car seat on the way back too.

Photo 2

Dreaming of bearded goat kisses, I imagine.


NEW GIVEAWAY (winner announced on 9/02/14):

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LAST WEEK'S WINNER (from giveaway on 8/08/14):

Congratulations to Sabrina, who won last week's Evenflo Symphony Car Seat giveaway! She was selected randomly and left the following comment about her worst road trip: 

"We took a 16 hour road trip with my 10 month-old daughter and 13 year-old. My baby hates the car seat so when she wasn't sleeping she was crying. The only thing that would distract her was the theme song to Roly Poly Olie over and over. She had at least two diaper blowouts and I had to pull over on the side of the road to breastfeed her several times. It was worth it though to see my family who I only get to see once a year."

Let's hope that road trip is easier next year with your new Symphony DLX!


This post was sponsored by Evenflo but all thoughts and opinions are my own.