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Usually, Deva from My Life Suckers uses current pop music for her mom parodies. In fact, that’s how I (in all of my embarrassing mom-ness) stay in the know about the latest Katy Perry or Taylor Swift song. A sad fact I can’t believe I just shared.

I actually have Deva to thank for alerting me to Megan Trainor, so that months and months later when Megan suddenly appeared on Mike’s Dad Radar, I could make fun of him and his dad-ness for not being “in the know”.

This time around, I don’t need to google the video that Deva is parodying after I watch the parody. I am VERY FAMILIAR with this song because it was created in 1975 and I have had many years to play it in my car, belting out the words (even the ones that sound like total gibberish) like I was born to sing rock opera.

Born to sing alone in my car, to be clear.

The song is none other than Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody (as you already gathered from the title of this post) and Deva has done it proud.

Well, Freddie Mercury probably just rolled over in his grave, but that’s only because he never had children.



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