Have you noticed that you rarely, if ever, see me in my videos? Even pictures are few and far between. I've included a token one up top of Mazzy and me at the Children's Museum on Halloween just because the angle makes my thighs look skinny. (God bless men's skinny jeans.)

Typically, I am more of a behind the scenes kind of girl. I have not been a fan of the stage or the camera since I starred in a camp production of Peter Pan when I was ten and felt like I was going to pee in my pants the entire time.

But I was told (by more than one person) that if I ever wanted to turn my blog into a real (translation: money-making) thing, I was going to have to put myself out there and make some videos.

"Like adorable videos of my daughter?" 

"No, like videos of yourself talking."

"You mean like those Her Channel people?"


"Huh. What about a cartoon version of myself?"

"Can you draw animated cartoons?"


"Then… NO."

Well, there you have it. But what would I talk about on my videos? Give advice on how to get your picky eater to shun food altogether? Teach you how to potty train even though I haven't even begun to try? Give a tutorial on how to piss off your husband by using your kitchen counter as an office? 

It became quickly clear that I am not an authority on anything.

So I was left wth no choice but to make my "show" about the random stuff you see on my blog. Funny baby videos, celebrity parenting snark, and of course, a healthy dose of Mazzy. Some of it will be a repackaging of things you've heard before and some of it will be new. None of it is executed perfectly, but I am but one woman filming herself with a computer balancing on top of a box on her bed.

Most importantly, the show will only be two-three minutes long. SO IF YOU HATE IT, YOU WILL ONLY HATE IT FOR A VERY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME. 

*Deep breath* 


Let's hope I don't make an ass of myself.


Are you still here? Have I destroyed my "coolness cred" forever? Did I not have any "coolness cred" to begin with, so we're all good? 

If you like the show and you want to know when I come out with more (the goal is weekly), check out the Mommy Shorts YouTube Channel and click "subscribe". Especially since jury is still out on whether I will always post them here.

Also, the blackboard behind my bed says "sweet dreams", not "uterus" as it may appear on camera. So STOP WONDERING.

Alright. Can I pee now?