I have this weird thing where I feel both children must be treated equally and lately Mazzy has been getting the short end of the stick. Not in real life. Just online. I’ve posted about Harlow’s scooter skills and all the funny things she’s been doing lately and Harlow’s been dominating my Instagram account lately. I think Harlow is just at that age when she’s turning into an actual person and doing all these ridiculously adorable document-worthy things.

But that’s not to say Mazzy isn’t equally awesome. Or adorable. In real life, she makes it her business to hog most of the attention, so I am not losing any sleep over this. Regardless, I wanted to spend a day talking about my five-year-old. The one with the kickass hair, the beautiful smile, the penchant for pink and the need to wear dresses or skirts every damn day.

Except on Pajama Day.

Pajama Day is a day at Mazzy’s school where all the kids wear pajamas.

Except this day doesn’t really exist except in Mazzy’s head.

Mazzy came home from school Wednesday very excited about Pajama Day which she explained was the following day. She went to great lengths selecting the perfect pair of pajamas and laid them out on her floor before she went to bed. I even had a whole argument with her over her pajama selection because initially she chose these little pajama booty shorts that are a size too small. I successfully convinced Mazzy to wear more respectable pajamas on Pajama Day and was very proud of my powers of persuasion.

Then, the next morning, I woke up and thought— Gee… I don’t remember seeing any emails about Pajama Day… I mean, it’s not exactly out of character for me to miss an email (or 100), so that doesn’t mean much. So, I went through my inbox to find the overlooked Pajama Day email but couldn’t find anything. I texted our nanny Ruth.

“Do you know anything about Pajama Day?”

“Yes, it’s today.”

“Did you hear that from Mazzy or the teacher?”


Hmmmmmmm…. I emailed the teacher.

“Just confirming that today is in fact Pajama Day!”

The teacher emailed back.

“Nope. Not as far as I know. What gave you that idea?”

Then I had to break the news to my very excited five-year-old.

“Mazzy, I have some bad news. Today is not Pajama Day.”


“Sorry, sweetie. Sydney must have misunderstood.”


I had to explain that although she was excited about Pajama Day, since it was not actually Pajama Day, she should probably not show up in her pajamas for school.

“Can I bring pajamas in my backpack just in case?”

“Yes, good compromise.”

What else is my daughter up to besides inventing Pajama Day?

1) Mazzy performed in her second dance recital.


2) Mazzy likes to pretend she knows how to play chess in the park.


3) Mazzy tried the Kylie Jenner lip challenge.


4) Mazzy is getting really good at multi-tasking.


5) Mazzy always finds a seat on the bus.


6) you can always count on Mazzy to monopolize all the pink Legos.


7) Mazzy makes eye contact with her boyfriend that is kind of frightening.


8) Mazzy can’t sit down at a restaurant without getting noticed by a minion.


9) Mazzy always finds a way to inject a little spring into a rainy day.


10) Mazzy finally figured out how to ride the tire swing by herself.


11) Mazzy walked the red carpet at a totally fake Red Carpet Kids birthday party.


12) Mazzy knows how to catch me when I’m trying to snap a candid.


13) Mazzy knows how to stand up to a ballet rival.


14) Mazzy still loves pink and is testing out a permanent skin dye.


15) Mazzy got her first makeover.


16) Mazzy makes potions while she waits for her food and then asks her mother to drink them,


17) Mazzy looks like she’s sixteen.


18) Mazzy still asks for Anna braids.


19) Mazzy called Harlow her best friend last night.


I love you, Mazzy. Even though you don’t always let me take pictures of you, and then you do your best to block me from taking photos of Harlow too. Can we make up a word that’s like cockblocking but it’s about older kids blocking photo opportunities of their younger siblings? Is Mazzy the only one that does this?

Photoblocking? Yes, let’s call it photoblocking. It’s like the opposite of photobombing, when the person totally blocks the subject of the photo as opposed to just appearing behind them.

20) Mazzy is a master photoblocker.



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