Today, I’m bringing together two of Mazzy’s favorite things— her Micro scooter and the color pink!

Many of you have noticed Mazzy has been riding an orange Micro Mini Kickboard for the last few years and questioned, “Why not pink?” The answer is— I won that kickboard in a raffle when Mazzy was about two-years-old.

By the age of three, Mazzy was scooting around like a pro, and as many New York City parents will tell you— mastering a kickboard is a total gamechanger in terms of traveling around the city with your kids.

Before the Micro Mini, I remember I would have to leave about 45 minutes to travel five blocks to school. Mazzy wanted to walk but at a way slower pace (damn those short little legs!) and liked to climb up every set of brownstone steps along the way. Walking one block could take 20 minutes and sometimes, I’d just say— screw it and carry her the rest of the way to school.

The kickboard changed all that. Mazzy could keep up with me and even pass me, but it’s not so fast that there’s a worry about getting too far ahead. City kids learn very early to always stop at corners.

Since Mazzy is about to outgrow her orange Micro Mini (it’s for ages 3-5), Micro Kickboard kindly supplied a Micro Maxi (for ages 5-12) in pink, of course. Not only are they giving Mazzy a pink Maxi, they are giving away 14 Micro Maxis to Mazzy’s followers on @pinkinnyc!


In honor of the big giveaway (14 Maxis in 14 Days), Mazzy and I had a special pink spotting date after school last week. Micro gave me an adult scooter so we could cruise around the city together. (Although, my scooter is white and Mazzy told me I’m not allowed to post any pictures of me on my white scooter in her “pink stuff”. Noted.)



Mazzy and I have never gone out specifically to find pics for @pinkinnyc and I’d never been on a scooter before, so it was a big day for both of us. I scooted over to school to pick her up and then Mazzy got straight to work, spotting a pink storefront and a pink vespa as we cruised around the West Village.



A lot of the places on @pinkinnyc, I have discovered accidentally during the day when I’m not with her, so it was fun to bring Mazzy to all the random pink places she’s seen pop up on her “pink stuff”.


We scooted over to Washington Square Park so I could point out a fully grown pink Magnolia tree, since it’s the perfect time of year to see all the blossoms.




Then Mazzy asked to get ice cream from the ice cream truck (smartly parked right outside the park) which happened to be pink as well. Maybe more like pinkish purple, but we follow a very loose pink definition around here.



Even better, the guy at the hot dog stand next to the ice cream truck was wearing a pink shirt too! What are the chances?




Next we cruised over to SOHO.




That’s where the newly painted Marc Jacobs store is tucked away on Mercer. I discovered it because it’s right across the street from where I get my haircut.




Once inside the store, Mazzy immediately pointed out a bright pink bag that looked like a birthday present. I guess Marc Jacobs is designing to appeal to five-year-old girls now?



Then we left and headed East, with Mazzy pointing out all the random people, storefronts and restaurants flashing a little pink.




We made sure to stop at the Little Cupcake Shop on Prince, which has the pink trifecta— a pink sign, pink heart graffiti and bright pink boxes to take your cupcakes home.


I let Mazzy snap some of her own pink pics with my phone— can you believe she took this photo of the cupcake box?


She also snapped some pink gerbera daises at a corner bodega.


This pink monkey glued to the front wheel of a bicycle.



The window box of a Mexican restaurant.


And a pink cloth napkin on the sidewalk table of an Indian restaurant.



But my favorite was this pink stencil on a mailbox, spotted by Mazzy even though she couldn’t read it.


“Protect Your Magic,” indeed. We did just that by heading home before we were ALL PINKED OUT.


To win a Micro Maxi, you must follow both @pinkinnyc and @microkickboard on Instagram. Then tag us both and use the hashtag #pink4micromaxi on pics of pink stuff in your city to enter. I’ll be picking a photo a day from the hashtags on Instagram and my 14 favorites will each win a kickboard! I’ll notify the winners underneath their pics (US only). Last day to enter is May 11th.

Read the full rules here.

You can even choose a kickboard other than pink if you like. Just don’t expect to be featured in Mazzy’s pics. I learned my lesson!

Micro Kickboard is the US distributor of the world’s best rated scooters and kickboards for children and adults of all ages. Their scooters are fuel-free, foldable and smooth gliding with an elegant Swiss design that is leading the revolution in personal transport for urbanites and suburbanites alike.



And the winners are… @3meliajane, @aroundthewaymom, @ruthaugusta, @courtneyasingh, @ohheykt, @marckelly, @rozny, @stylesmaller, @jessfrem, @chelseapolley, @loveyoumore.impossible, @alohajones, @angelamking and @headlesslegomom

Congrats! Please contact to claim your prize.


This post was sponsored by Micro Kickboard, but we’ve been faithful users for the past three years!