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Harlow turns 2 1/2 today! Which makes me ponder life’s bigger questions like… what the hell happens to @insta2yearold when Harlow turns three???

No, seriously. My baby is growing up. She’s so big, she asks me to play “mommy and baby” like it’s a game and not a real thing.

“But you’re already my baby!” I insist.

“I’m not a BABY,” Harlow says like I’m being RIDICULOUS. “I’m a BIG GIRL.”

Yep, she is. A funny, intense, playful, observational, whip smart big girl.

12 big girl things Harlow did recently:

1) She learned how to unzip a zipper.

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We don’t call her “Super Toddler” for nothing.

2) She knows how to share but also knows when enough is enough.

Case in point: Mazzy asked Harlow if she could use her lip balm. Harlow let her have it. Mazzy put some on, gave it back to Harlow and then licked her lips.

Then, this happened…

MAZZY: Mmmmm. This tastes delicious. Can I have some more Harlow?

HARLOW: It’s lipstick, Mazzy. NOT LUNCH.

3) She had her first kiss.


4) She’s super confident even in the face of a challenge.


Harlow is not potty trained yet, but the other day, she walked into the bathroom, took a piece of toilet paper, wiped herself over her pants, put it in the toilet, flushed and then turned to me and said very matter-of-factly, “That’s how we do.”

5) She understands the importance of sharing on social.

Speaking of the potty, here’s another conversation that happened recently…

HARLOW: I want to go to the potty.

ME: Sure! (eagerly following her into the bathroom with my camera)


ME: Okay, that’s fair.

HARLOW: Take a video.

6) She knows how to walk the streets like a native New Yorker— like she knows exactly where she is going.


7) She knows how to be gracious when someone gives her a gift even if she doesn’t like it.

Last weekend, Aunt Judy gave her a present. Harlow tore the wrapping open, held up a Sofia the First sticker book high with both hands and screamed with the utmost excitement:

“MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOOOOOK!!!!!!!”

Aunt Judy smiled with satisfaction but Harlow wasn’t finished.


8) She perfectly summed what’s great about spring with her “no pants dance”.

9) She talks on the phone like she has things to do and places to be.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 12.30.51 AM

FYI: None of the things she has to do include cleaning up the mess behind her. She’s got bigger fish to fry! Also, the fact that her “phone” is actually a compact is totally beside the point.

10) She brushes her teeth all by herself and does a pretty good job.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 12.30.28 AM

My favorite part is when she spits in the sink. She does it every time with a “Pfffff” but I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything come out. Thankfully, we still use toddler-appropriate toothpaste.

11) She got her first haircut and didn’t trust the hairdresser for one second just like every GROWN woman has done since the beginning of time.

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Then, when Mazzy’s kindergarten teacher commented on Harlow’s haircut, she said matter-of-factly— “Yes, it looks a little different.”

12) And finally, she knows how to show off her new do in grand fashion.

Ta-Da! That’s Harlow at 2 1/2. Always with the BIG FINISH.


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