Mother’s Day is in two weeks. So by now, you’ve figured out the day is not really about you and more about the grandmas. Your mother and your mother-in-law. Hi guys! I love you both! (They read my blog religiously.)

The good news is— gifts for grandmas are ridiculously easy. Basically, all grandparents want is photo evidence of their grandchildren to show their friends. Mugs, calendars, tote bags, blankets. The more customized photo items they have, the closer they feel to them at all times. Whether it’s Mazzy’s head emblazoned on a shirt or Harlow’s tushie mooning them from their mouse pad.

If you are smart, gift giving on Mother’s Day really just becomes the process of picking out a photo and selecting the vehicle on which that photo should be served up. For instance, last week I posted a photo of Harlow hysterical crying next to an unphased Mazzy on my facebook page. Many of you suggested I turn that photo into something special like a framed poster for our living room.

I decided pillow cases would get the most bang for my buck.


For coasters, I’m think these photos of Mazzy getting drunk off grape juice on Passover are totally appropriate. Don’t these four pictures make for a lovely bar set?


I love the mousepad idea, too. But instead of Harlow‘s tushie, I like this photo of Harlow looking at whoever is on the computer with disdain.


‘“Really? You are on that thing AGAIN???” This way Grammy and Grandma can know exactly what it’s like to have Harlow in their home EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Or… how about a puzzle with this sisterly photo of Harlow stealing Mazzy’s cupcake?


Then you can feel a strong sense of completion when you finally finish the puzzle by yourself at 3am after everyone has long gone to bed.


Alright, now my creative juices are flowing and I want to make MORE PHOTO GIFTS.

Like a laminated placemat with Harlow stuffing her face!


tote bag with Mazzy sticking out her tongue!


A fleece blanket of Harlow yawning!


As for that framed photo to hang in our living room? I think a canvas of this memorable afternoon with my girls would be PERFECT. Nothing says motherhood more than a family photo with no one looking at the camera except for mom.


But seriously, photo gifts present endless opportunities for both comedy and sentiment.

If you want to play it safe (for the grandmas), Walgreens has numerous customized card options, calendars and canvases. I created these super cute cards and they were ready the very same day. (That’s for all you people who wait to buy gifts at the last second— are you listening, Mike?)


But if you want to go for gold, they also have blankets, mugs, mousepads and everything inbetween. I suggest you create something that will really make a lasting impression.


(Oops. I meant to put them away before Harlow saw them.)

Today, I’m giving away five $25 Walgreens gift cards to five lucky readers!

You can use it to make blankets of your yawning children or something nice with an adorable photo that even the grandparents can appreciate. For a chance to win, all you have to do is describe the photo and photo gift that would make you the happiest to see on Mother’s Day in the comments below.

Example: I’d make a mug of Harlow baby mugging!

For a second entry, tweet the following and then leave a second comment saying you did so:

I just entered to win a Walgreens gift card via @mommyshorts. #ShareLifesHappy 

You can order Walgreens photo gifts online or at the store. If you are at the store, make sure you pick up a copy of their catalogue— I’m inside!




And the winners are… Christine Phipps, Alice DeLyser, Samantha, Tanya and Sharanda Crews.

Congrats! Please contact to claim your prize.


This post was sponsored by Walgreens, but all amazing new pillowcases are my own.