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Do you know what is the most popular post on my blog of all time? It’s a little post called “28 Examples of Crap Husbands Pull While their Wives are in Labor“.

Except it isn’t 28 examples, because there are 320 stories left by disgruntled wives in the comments below the post, ranging from humorous to horrific. That list grows almost daily and whenever a comment from that post pops up in my inbox, I have a little debate with myself over whether or not I want to read it.

Am I having a bad day? Do I want it to get worse? Am I in a good mood? Am I okay if that mood is ruined by a reclining man eating a burrito complaining of stomach pains right next to his laboring wife???

Sometimes it’s better to shut the computer for the day.

Here’s a man who is SO FUNNY, he didn’t just pull crap in the delivery room, he pulled it through all nine months of pregnancy. I want to laugh. But really, if he were my husband, I would pour that urine sample on his head.

What do you think? Is this funny? Or rage inducing??? Kudos to his wife for dealing with him and pregnancy hormones at once.

Update: Here’s another video of the same dad from about a year ago that I just found out about through comments on Facebook. Apparently, his son was suffering from a brain tumor and he surprised him on his birthday by jumping down from the roof as Spiderman. Sadly, the couple lost their son to the tumor later that year on Christmas Eve. My heart goes out to him and his family and I wish them the best of luck with their new baby.

So in summary, this man gets a pass, but if my husband pulled any of the pranks in the first video, I’d make him sleep on the couch.