A version of this post originally appeared in my Weekly Newsletter but for those who are not subscribed, I thought it was important to post on the blog as well.

Blogging about regular daily life always feels wrong during a crisis, so today I wanted to acknowledge all of the people in Texas affected by the horrors of Hurricane Harvey. The images I’ve seen of parents and emergency workers saving children and the elderly both broke my heart and gave me a renewed sense pride for the citizens of this country.

If you want to know what you can do, Cool Mom Picks posted an excellent list of organizations (including urgent supplies, food banks, emergency help for the elderly and disabled, supplies for children, animal rescue, blood donations and shelters) that really need your help right now.

Jennifer Longworth, a longtime reader and Houston resident, notified me of the Greater Houston Community Fund which is shifting it’s donations towards disaster relief to help families who need to start over once the storm has passed. She also added that “this is the 4th major flooding event in 3 years, and it’s often the same people who are losing everything, while not being able to afford insurance.”

Someone on Instagram said that many disaster relief funds do not go towards diapers and asked for people to donate to the Texas Diaper Bank as well. Another person on Instagram said that local news is asking for milk and formula donations which is being coordinated by the Red Cross.

Amanda Heathco, a teacher from the area, commented on my facebook page that when the schools reopen, many of their students will be commuting from long term shelters so clothing and school supplies are desperately needed.

Marla Grace, another follower on facebook, said that the Jewish community in Meyerland was hit particularly hard. I also heard from another readers talking about the devastation in her town of Friendswood. Other readers much farther from Houston said they were experiencing flooding as well.

“It’s not just Houston. It hit here first and the hardest. It destroyed one town, Port A, and severely effected the rest of South Texas. We are still trying to pick up the pieces. Rockport was also demolished by Harvey to the point that no one is allowed into the town.” – @livelongprosper_

“I live in Houston, by one of the dams that is being released. The worse is yet to come. Catastrophic. Please pray for us.” – @christinarocha1

“We have a mandatory evacuation…waiting upstairs with seven fur kids for the Brazos river to crest and come over the levee to flood our house.” – @createwithcourage

“Just got home to the costal bend and we are so blessed that we have minimal damage, but 15 minutes away, it’s totally wiped away. We are heartbroken as a state and we still need prayers— lots of people are coming home to nothing and Houston is getting the rain triple then we got and will be much worse.” – @jessilynnperez

You can call 1-800-RED CROSS or text HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation to the Red Cross.

I know the storm is not over yet, so I wish everyone in affected areas safety and as little destruction as possible. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.