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Remember “Go the Fuck to Sleep” by Adam Mansbach? He’s back, this time with “You Have to Fucking Eat“. I think Adam and I might have the same children.

Wait. Is Adam Mansbach my husband’s pen name? Mike, is that you?

“You Have to Fucking Eat” has a lot of bad language. You know that because “fucking” is right there in the title. Fucking fucking fucking. There. Now, I’ve said it almost as much as Mike (aka Adam Mansbach).

In addition to a lot of fucking (not actual fucking, this book contains small children and that would be OBSCENE), Adam Mansbach delivers a lot of truth. Like, how kids won’t eat a lovely meal served at a restaurant, yet they will eat a dinner roll off the floor. Or the fact that parents end up eating all the leftover shit their kids won’t eat.

Yes, I had Harlow’s cold leftover eggs for breakfast and I ate a lone chicken finger over the trash for dinner. I am like George Costanza without the sweatpants. This is BAD.

Samuel L. Jackson read the audio version of “Go the Fuck to Sleep” and so, who better than to read “You Have to Fucking Eat” then Brian Cranston?

Here’s an excerpt:

Maybe Adam Mansbach’s third book will be “Wear Your Fucking Jacket” and then Steve Buscemi can do the audio version and the trilogy will be complete.

Want to win a copy of “You Have to Fucking Eat“? Tell me your idea for Adam Mansbach’s third book and what celebrity you would like to read it.

I’ll pick my two favorite responses on Friday— one from the comments below and one from the comments on the Mommy Shorts facebook page.

Good fuck!

I mean— luck. Sorry.