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I don’t think a popular song comes out these days without a mom parody nipping at it’s heels. This time it’s Meghan Trainor’s “All About that Bass” that gets the mom treatment.

I love that the vocals are pretty similar to Trainor’s voice, the lyrics are spot on and the moms actually have some pretty good moves— there’s moon walking with a mop! Bravo! But I do have one major issue with this video.

If you are going to sing about not being able to clean your house, your house has to be WAY WAY messier. Where’s the spilled milk? The fallen cereal sticking to yogurt crusted on the floor? The preschool “art work” piled so high on the dining room table that it tips over and covers it entirely? Why hasn’t anyone written on the walls? Why is the laundry folded????

So many questions.

In any case— hats off. This mom parody is a job well done. When they are finished making videos, maybe they can come over and help me clean my house.