Since last week’s children’s TV show flow chart went over so well, I decided to make another for potty training.

I think it’s fairly obvious where I stand on this matter. But if not, you can check out my post called “No, My Daughter Is Not Potty Trained, Thanks for Asking”.

To be honest, none of the things above have happened to me because we haven’t made a real attempt. Mazzy’s made it clear she’s not interested and the only reason to force to the issue, as far as I can see, is to impress family and friends.

Plus, a friend’s dog pissed on my couch once and it took a long time for my husband to convince me we didn’t need to buy a new one.

What about you? Got any nightmarish potty training stories you’d like to share? Or, care to make us all jealous with a shit-free tale of toilet-training ease?



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