Is Mazzy on her fourth hour of a Sunday Law & Order marathon or is she two seconds away from purchasing a Flowbee? You decide in the comment section below. Comments will be judged by Nic from My Bottles Up who was the winner of the last caption contest. This is to prevent me from doing something shady like giving the honor to my husband. This week's winner will be crowned the judge of next week's caption contest and so on and so forth. Yes, you heard right— judges wear crowns here!

UPDATE: Nic from My Bottles Up has spoken and she has declared Hiedi from Madame Paradox the winner. Her caption was: "Je suis ennui Mama, trés trés ennui…" Sorry, Mazzy. In the future, I will work harder at entertaining you myself.

I'd like to give runner-up to Carole whose caption "Mom— What's a Snooki?" made me laugh out loud. Mainly because that question reminds me of the ever popular, "Why is the sky blue?" Both questions to which I would have to answer, "I have no idea, babe. I have NO IDEA".

Congratulations, Heidi— get ready for the next caption contest, THE CROWN IS YOURS.