Congratulations to Janel, who fought hard to win an $1000 Target gift card and a year supply of Method Air Refreshers with the headline above! May your children never have to smell disappointment again. Also failure. And broken promises. And oh yes, BURNT COOKIES.

I actually like burnt cookies, so the next time you burn them, just send them over my way. Then I’ll do a competition for “the oddest way to gain ten pounds” and my entry will be: “Have a random internet person send you their failed baked goods in the mail.”

Anyway, I hope the lovely smell of sweet tangerine, fresh clover, beach sage, french lavender and wild poppy all waft their way through your household unmentionables forever and ever, leaving a trail of eco-friendly all-natural non-chemical scents to disguise the moldy laundry forgotten in the washer, the spoiled milk in the sippy cup underneath the dresser, the cat piss in the hallway, the rotting rodent in the floor boards, the three week-old cheeseburger in the vent, the teenage boy in the bedroom, the farting concerto in the bathroom, etc. etc. etc.

Let’s all give a hand to Method for letting their Air Refresher contest be as disgusting and hilarious as it was meant to be. They never once said a particular smell went too far. Not even the decomposing body in the basement.

You can read all 40 of my favorite headlines here.

Method is my longest sponsor, having partnered with me every year for the past three years. They are one of the reasons I am able to persue this blog full-time and I thank them dearly for that. I also thank them for making awesome products that I have no qualms about promoting. They are effective, good for the environment and well-designed. Plus, the people who work there are pretty awesome.

If I have swayed you in any way to purchase Method Air Refreshers or any of the Method products I have promoted in the past (like their truly awesome laundry detergent), please leave a comment below. It’s comments like those that keep Method coming back to me for more.

Thanks to all who participated in the contest, particularly the people in the finals. Janel won by less than 1% with “Jessica and the Diaper Genie Dump” coming in a really really close second.


All finalists, please contact me at ilana@mommyshorts.com for your $50 Target gift card and the complete line of Method Air Refreshers (powered by PURE AIR as opposed to the petroleum-based propellant used in traditional air freshners).

Air Care Family Hero

It may not be $1000, but it’s still a pretty great prize.

Congrats to all the winners!


This post was sponsored by Method but I really do love and use all their products.