Method Air Refresher Mommy Shorts-62

Yesterday, I sat in my office saying things like, “which one is worse— a burger in the floor vent or a bag of salad exploding in the trunk?” and “is an old cat with a bowel disorder funny gross? or just gross gross?”

It was hard narrowing down your most horrible and most hilarious smells to ten. It’s always hard. You guys are too witty! Sometimes I’m not sure why I still write this blog when I should just be outsourcing to my readers.

Also, I was expecting Method to swoop in and say things like, “you absolutely cannot use the farting hotbox headline” or “stray cat sex is way too OFF BRAND” but they have done no such thing. They think you all are as funny as I do. And I guess stray cat sex is TOTALLY ON BRAND!

That being said, stray cat sex got nixed for a family who loves asparagus. It was a tough choice!

Also getting the axe was “singed hair,” “lactose intolerance,” and “kimchee culinary failures”. Although, if someone thought to put them all together, you’d have a winner. I bet the Fresh Clover air refresher would never have to work so hard again in its life!

Without further ado, here are my top ten finalists for the Method Air Refreshers headline contest:

From Pamela…

Method Air Refresher Mommy Shorts-9a

From Tanya…

Method Air Refresher Mommy Shorts-12b3

From Jessica…

Method Air Refresher Mommy Shorts14

From Elizabeth…

Method Air Refresher Mommy Shorts10

From Robin…

Method Air Refresher Mommy Shorts8

From Megan…

Method Air Refresher Mommy Shorts12

From Liz…

Method Air Refresher Mommy Shorts-61b

From Janel…

Method Air Refresher Mommy Shorts-12a

From Tiffany…

Method Air Refresher Mommy Shorts-12b

From Jenny…

Method Air Refresher Mommy Shorts-12b4

Please vote for your favorite! You can vote once a day until the winner is announced on September 17th.

The grand prize winner will receive an $1,000 Target gift card and a year supply of Method Air Refreshers. Plus, the nine remaining finalists will get a $50 Target gift card and the complete line of Method Air Refreshers.


Like all Method products, Method’s new air refreshers are safe for people, pets and the planet. They are designed with revolutionary pressurized air technology, which means unlike most traditional aerosol sprays (which are powered by petroleum-based propellant mixed in with the product), they are powered by PURE AIR. When you spray, you fill your room with one of Method’s five vibrant all-natural scents. No CFCs (those are the things that destroy the ozone). No dirty propellants.

And hopefully that moldy burger, wet dog, cat pee, gym sneaker, clogged toilet stench is a thing of the past.

Until your mother-in-law farts, of course.


This post was sponsored by Method but the horrible household smells are all yours.