There could not be two holidays more different than Easter and Passover, but here we are, once again, celebrating them at the exact same time. Well, technically, we only celebrate Passover, but we still usually take the kids to an egg hunt, dye some eggs and eat a chocolate bunny or two. This year, we are celebrating my stepdad and my sister’s birthday by going out for brunch on Sunday, which just so happens to be an Easter brunch. A brunch buffet where we can’t eat bread, pancakes, waffles or cereal. Should make it especially fun for the kids!

Still. Passover is my favorite holiday and the kids love it too. I can’t explain why. Because it’s a holiday that celebrates our freedom from slavery?? Nah. I think it’s because we all really really love matzah slathered with butter.

Anyway, I always have to commemorate every holiday with a set of @averageparentproblems, so I decided to combine Passover and Easter. A basket of chocolate eggs may be way better than a bowl of salt water and parsley, but Easter still has its problems.

21 Easter and Passover Problems that Only Parents Can Understand:

Egg dying problems:


Passover Seder Problems:


Sunday Best Problems:



Starting Line Problems:


My First Egg Hunt Problems:


Basket Problems:


Pinterest Problems:


Creepy Bunny Problems:


Drinking Problems:


Grandpa Problems:


Egg Opening Problems:


Egg Decorating Problems:


Competitive Problems:


Parsley Problems:


Chocolate Bunny Problems:


Time Management Problems:


Long Line Problems:


Plague Problems:


Photo Op Problems (Part 1):


Photo Op Problems (Part 2):


Easter is Over Problems:

Have Passover and Easter!

If you have any more easter  or passover problems, post them to #averageeasterproblems and be sure to tag @averageparentproblems on Instagram. If you didn’t take a photo, please share what happened in the comments below!