Now that Baby Suiting has become an international phenomenon (that's not even a joke— it made the news in India, Switzerland and New Zealand), I figured it's my job to bring you the next big baby photo trend on Instagram.

To that end, let me introduce you to something called "Rock that Animal Face" (aka #rockthatanimalface).

It's the process of sticking an animal face over the head of your child, like in the photo up top of Poppy reading a bedtime story to Mazzy.

As bears. Obviously.

Don't worry! You don't have to purchase a mask or slaughter an actual animal, you can do it all on a free app called Animal Face.

Unless, you want to put a kangaroo or a raccoon head on your baby— then it will cost you. Bears might look more influential but apparently, it's the raccoons who have better lawyers to negotiate their head licensing contracts.

To be clear, I did not start this trend or come up with the hashtag. I was just alerted to its existence and decided to participate. (I can't come up with EVERYTHING!)

Here's Harlow as a tiger:


See? Simple. A little creepy. But also kinda cool.

Before you write this off as a bunch of weirdo parents with way too much time on their hands, consider this— Mazzy and I had a ton of fun picking pictures and selecting animal heads on the app together.

Here's one we made with her as a panda and her friend Charlie as a squirrel:


She also helped select this rabbit head for Harlow:


It's fun for the whole family!

Plus, it comes in really handy if you'd like to post an incriminating photo of your child but don't want her to be super mad when she gets older.


Or maybe you've got a photo from a birthday party, but you aren't sure if the moms of the other kids would be cool with you posting it on your very public blog…


See! Rocking that animal face serves more practical purposes than you thought!

As much as I love animal faces on my kids, other instagrammers are doing it a lot better. Here are a few from the #rockthatanimalface hashtag I think are particularly inspired…



Yay? Nay? Cool? Creepy?

I'll keep looking for the next one.


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