Apple-full I gave Dr. B the week off since she and her husband are currently gallivanting in Vermont for their one year anniversary. Oh, life before having a baby, I remember it when… But I wanted to use today to give her a big thank you for contributing to Mommy Shorts every week since Day One. Dr. B is a real person with a PhD and a paying full-time job and I know that her diligence in writing "Ask Dr. B" is partially due to the fact that as my sister, she likes helping me out. And I don't mean with the blog. I mean with my poor parenting skills.

Dr. B takes her posts very seriously and editing them down to preferred Mommy Shorts length, I am told, is a job in itself— she says each question could be an entire dessertation. I think this is good practice for her eventual career as Oprah's resident child psychologist. But Dr. B is not interested in fame. She works hands-on to help educators develop teaching methods for delayed children aged 2-5 (whether it be something easily correctable or more ongoing) and thinks Oprah can SUCK IT. (That's not true, Dr. B actually really likes Oprah).

Her posts rarely get comments. I think because people have more to say about my personal stories than something more informational— but I know people read them and like them because some of you have emailed me personally. If you could please comment below to show Dr. B that you appreciate the job she is doing, that would be awesome.

My little sis is truly brilliant and we are lucky to have her. (You know you can ask her a question, right?)

Ask Dr. B runs every Wednesday. Dr. B has a doctorate in school psychology specializing in early childhood development. If you have any questions about your child's development— big or small, email me at with the subject ASK DR. B. It is confidential unless you prefer otherwise.