Harlow makes up songs pretty regularly. They are usually about how important it is be yourself or how much she loves her mom. I’m a big fan of both these topics. Her songs have tunes, lyrics, an obvious chorus and crescendos like you would not believe, but I’m always a little weary about sharing them. Personally, I think all her performances are pretty incredible but this might be a case of “I’m her mom and I think everything she does is pretty incredible.”

Do you have the same affliction? That’s what I thought.

Anyway, the other day, Harlow took a break from her normal sing-song type melodies and tried a new genre of music— freestyle rap. Or maybe it’s spoken word? I’m not sure. She also upped the ante on her lyrics and sang some pretty important social commentary about screen time.

The best part? She made up the whole thing on the spot.

I hope you think it’s as brilliant as I do!

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