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Yeah, it's cool to hang out with Don Cheadle and his llama in an elevator while drinking a Bud Light, but personally, my favorite commercial last night was the GoldieBlox girls launching a rocket ship of pink castles and Barbie dolls into space.

Even better, GoldieBlox got that Super Bowl spot produced and aired for free through a contest sponsored by Intuit. Which just goes to show you how badly people want little girls to have better options when it comes to toys.

I also think having this spot air during the Super Bowl makes a huge statement to any young girls watching. Particularly to my daughter, who is convinced only boys play sports because that's what she sees on the TV.

I am constantly reminding  Mazzy that she plays soccer every Saturday.

If you haven't already seen it, here's the GoldieBlox Super Bowl ad. I'm assuming they asked Quiet Riot's permission to parody their song. I hope?


What was your favorite Super Bowl ad? Mazzy was asleep by the time GoldieBlox aired, so she'd probably give her vote to Ellen Degeneres dancing with the three bears for AT&T.