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Ah, business trips, I remember them well… socializing with co-workers until the wee hours over cocktails and assorted small plates. Eating on the company's dime in client-worthy establishments and not even splitting dessert. Collapsing into a pillowtop mattress with freshly laundered sheets every night. 

The last time I was on a business trip was when Mazzy was a year old. I went to Argentina for a couple of weeks and yes, I missed her, but MY GOD, was it nice to catch up on sleep.

This week Mike is away for work in Florida and I have a sneaking suspicion that he is enjoying himself way more than he is letting on.


Every time Mike calls home, things in the background sound way more like people in a bar than people in a very important meeting. Also, he took his golf clubs. And the last time I checked, it's a sunny 72 degrees. 

This morning Mazzy woke up and said, "Is Daddy home yet?" 

"No, sweetie, not yet."

"Is he coming home soon?"

"In three days."

Her eyes went wide and her face fell all at the same time. "THREE DAYS???? But that's a LONG TIME."

"I know sweetie, but he misses you so much and wishes he were here instead of there every day."


You see? I can pretend too.