The photo above was submitted by Kerri. It's a picture of her poor unfortunate cat being harassed by a neighborhood baby. Wait, I got that wrong. That's Kerri's son Silas harassing a neighborhood cat. I'm sure the cat deserved it. Most cats do.

What did the cat do to incur Silas's wrath? You tell me in the comment section below.

This week's caption contest will be judged by yours truly. The winner will receive the title of "Caption Contest Queen" which comes with the supreme honor of helping me judge the next one.

But that's not all…

The Queen will be officially crowned on Friday at a very fancy ceremony that exists solely in my head. Invitations have been sent and I'll be breaking out my wedding china for only the second time ever. Johnny Depp and Heidi Klum will both be in attendance, hot on the prowl from their recent separations, so I suggest you all wear something pretty.

There will be no cats there, obviously.

Except maybe that Fancy Feast cat. He goes where ever he pleases.

Good luck!


UPDATE: Congrats to Nixon's Mom who won with the caption…

"For the last FRICKIN' time. STOP. POOPING. IN. MY. TOY. BOX!!"