Before Harlow turned one, her milestones were mostly things we couldn't control. When she rolled over, when she sat up, when she started crawling, etc.

Now, I find that when Harlow is ready to cross off new milestones, I am standing in her way. For instance, it didn't really occur to me she was ready to eat with a spoon and fork by herself. Feeding her was working out nicely and kept the floor clean, so why break what isn't broke?

Then Harlow started ripping the spoon out of my hand.

Point taken.

FYI- if you hold onto the spoon too tightly and your baby ends up snatching it from you anyway, there's the potential for a lot more mess than if you just let her have the damn spoon from the get go. (Excuse me, while I wipe the yogurt off my chin.)

Anyway— I thought I'd just give her a spoon to play with, while I kept my own spoon to do the actual feeding. 

Nope, Harlow wanted that spoon too. 

Okay. So I'll just hold the cup of yogurt so she can dip her spoon in. She'll be eating herself so that should suffice, right?

Nope. Harlow made it clear, through her infamous grunts and shrieks, she would prefer me to place the yogurt cup on the highchair tray, slowly back away and leave her to her own devices.


I'm sorry to break this to you, but this, my friends, is what we signed up for.

To minimize the mess, I ran to get a bowl with a suction cup on the bottom that we used when Mazzy was at the same phase. Only, all those bowls had been through the dishwasher so many times that the suction cups had shriveled. Not only did they no longer suction, they wouldn't even sit flat on the table.

How's that for screwing with a one-year-old on the verge of a new milestone?


It's actually been amazing to watch what Harlow can do when I back off. She makes a mess, but she also is able to get the majority of it in her mouth. And while a lot of food does get on the floor (she takes great joy in taking fistfuls of unwanted items and throwing them very dramatically to the ground), we haven't experienced an entire plate upheaval yet.

Harlow can even poke a fork in a piece of chicken! She's one for twenty but STILL— don't discount the one!

Of course, there are other milestones that her pediatrician tells me she is ready for, but Harlow clearly disagrees. Like transitioning from a bottle to a cup.

"OH HELL NO!!!" Harlow grunts. (I'm an excellent baby grunt translator.)

Last night, I spent a good hour looking through sippy cup options on the Babies”R”Us website. I even asked for starter cup recommendations on my instagram feed. I got over 100 responses— people are very passionate about their sippy cup choices!

One person suggested getting Harlow a cup with her favorite character on it. This sounds like a great idea. If anyone knows where I can buy a sippy cip with Mazzy's picture on it, please let me know.

Here are some of my favorite products (along with some cups my instagram followers recommended) when your baby is ready to self-feed:


1) Camelbak Water Bottle was probably the #1 recommended cup from people swearing bottle straight to straw was the way to go.

2) Boon Bowl with suction and spill catcher.

3) Munchkin Stay-Put assorted suction bowls.

4) Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Sippee Training Cup.

5) OXO utensils.

6) Munchkn Click Lock Sippy Cups to prevent spills.

7) Bounty paper towels. Buy a case. Obviously.

PTRU1-11585193dtHere's another new development: the past three nights, Harlow has woken up at 4am because she peed through her diaper. YAY! So along with my sippy cups, my suction cup bowls, and a value pack of paper towels from Babies”R”Us, I ordered Pampers Extra Protection Diapers to use at night.

So there you have it.

Feeding herself, ditching the bottle (hopefully) and emptying her bladder with gusto. Just a few of Harlow's latest Milestone Moments.

Oh wait. Did I mention Harlow used the elevator by herself?


What's your baby's latest milestone?


Check out the amazing Noelle Pikus Pace, U.S. Olympic Skeleton athlete and mother of two, who is teaming up with Pampers and Babies”R”Us to celebrate milestones. Noelle says "moms are in training every minute of every day" which is why she turns to products like Pampers available at Babies”R”Us. Learn more about Noelle’s story at

Harlow just made me watch this video about fifteen times:


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This post was sponsored by Pampers and Babies”R”Us but all of the thoughts and opinions are my own.