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For the past few weeks I've been searching for the worst family holiday photo, both on the Mommy Shorts facebook page and on instagram (for rules and prizes, click here). There were some definite gems (you'll notice what finger the little Brygider boy is using in the horribly awesome photo above) but I didn't think we could judge them properly without making them into actual holiday cards. 

I used Minted for the designs but please note that Minted is not sponsoring this contest whatsoever. They don't even know about this contest. I'm hoping they see this more as free promotion rather than stealing. Fingers crossed!

As miserable as these photos are, I hope they bring you joy because you'll know your family isn't the only one who can't get the baby to stop crying or the toddler to stop moving for your holiday cards. Awful family photos are a universal truth.

On Monday, I'm going to put all the cards on the Mommy Shorts fanpage where the one with the most likes will be crowned the winner. But here's a sneak peak.

Happy Holidays from your fellow Mommy Shorts readers!

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Thanks to everyone who submitted pictures— you guys all take some awful pictures but I couldn't possibly use them all! Don't forget to check out my facebook page later today to vote. 

UPDATE: I just discovered a whole other batch of photos on my fanpage that I somehow missed. They will be included in the facebook album on Monday and maybe I'll do a Part Two!

I also want to talk about one more horrible holiday card. The photo wasn't the problem. No, unfortunately, it was much, much worse. Here's what Jacinda Sheilds had to say about how she ruined her holiday cards this year…

"I don't have a bad photo but you'll appreciate this: I got my Christmas cards in the mail today and realized I didn't change the names on the online template to our names so now someone else's names are printed on all my cards. It's my daughter's first Christmas. I just had to laugh so I wouldn't cry."


Jacinda Sheilds, we are laughing and crying with you. I bet the Banks family is laughing and crying with you too. Whoever they are.

Have a great weekend!

— Mommy Shorts