IMG_3295 Although Dr. B (our early childhood development specialist) has been noticeably slacking/super busy these days, because she is also my sister, I'm able to ask for advice under the guise of a friendly chat about her niece.

Below is a transcript of a phone conversation between Dr. B and myself concerning my recent issues with putting Mazzy to sleep. Well, it's more of an approximation of the conversation since I did not actually record it. Just be thankful it's not a reenactment of the transcript from an approximation of our conversation because that would be ridiculous. (Or so said the actors and camera people I asked to film it.)


ME: I'm having trouble putting Mazzy to sleep.

DR. B: Why? What's happening?

ME: She makes me read her a million books, she tries to escape the room, she stalls like crazy and then she won't let me put her down to sleep.

DR. B: What do you mean— she won't 'let you' put her down to sleep? Isn't she in a crib?

ME: Yes…

DR. B: So can't you just put her in the crib?

ME: No. After we finish reading, I need to rock Mazzy so that she relaxes. But she fights me and arches her back and—

DR. B: Wait. I don't understand. Why are you rocking her?

ME: I just told you. To get her to relax before bed.

DR. B: But it's NOT relaxing her, right?

ME: Well, it does eventually. She just has to give into it.

DR. B: Have you thought that maybe she's trying to tell you she doesn't like the rocking?

ME: She does like the rocking. It's when I sing to her.

DR. B: Mmhm.

ME: What?

DR. B: I think it's YOU who likes the rocking.

ME: It's not me. It's part of our bedtime routine. After we finish reading, I hold her while I rock and sing to her.

DR. B: How are you holding her?

ME: Like, cradling.

DR. B: You're standing and cradling her?

ME: Yes…

DR. B: Mazzy's too old for cradling. Just put her in the crib. She's not a baby anymore!

ME: What? No. She loves the rocking and the cradling. If I put her in the crib, then she'll just ask me to rock her.

DR. B: So, then why don't you put her in the crib and wait for her to ask you? If the goal is for you to rock her…


DR. B: Are you sure?

ME: YES!!!

DR. B: Well, if you are not comfortable just putting her in the crib, why don't you try rocking her without cradling her? Just hold her like you do normally.

ME: Okay, fine. But she's not going to like it.


That night, Mazzy fought me when I picked her up but as soon as she realized I wasn't going to force her into a cradling position, she relaxed. I swayed and sang with her legs wrapped around my waist and her head resting on my shoulder.

I have always loved the weight of my baby's head on my shoulder.

This works, I thought.

Dr. B is brilliant.


It continued to work for the next few nights.

Then, at bedtime less than one week later, I finished reading Mazzy her books, hoisted her onto my hip, was three words into my lullaby when—

"Go in crib."


"Go in crib."

Song cut short, I placed Mazzy in the crib.

Per her request.


Same thing happened the next night.

And the next.

Apparently, Mazzy is indeed too old for cradling.

And rocking.

And lullabies.


Last night, I went straight from reading her bedtime stories to placing her directly in the crib.

"Night night, Mommy."

With that, I smiled a sad smile, swept the hair away from her eyes, kissed her forehead and said, "You know your aunt sucks, right?"