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On Friday, I posted the best of the worst holiday cards taken from photos posted on the Mommy Shorts facebook page and under #mommyshorts_worstfamilyphoto on Instagram.

Unfortunately, when I was putting together the post, I somehow missed a whole folder of entries, including the shitastic photo of the Greene boys above.

Hence, "The Best of the Worst Holiday Cards: Part Two".

Almost all the submissions were stand alone photos and I took the liberty of making them into holiday cards. I used holiday card templates from Minted, who so far, has yet to complain about the free advertising/stealing. 

I put all the cards from Part One and Part Two into a facebook album called "The Worst Holiday Card Competition" and we are going to vote for our favorites to the determine the winner. The grand prize winner and the ten runner-ups will be determined by the cards with the most likes. Go there to vote now.

If you don't plan on voting, you should do yourself a favor and check out some of the entries below. Especially if you are having trouble summoning the appropriate amount of holiday cheer this time of year…











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Thank you to everyone who submitted photos. Sorry, I couldn't use them all! 

The winner will get an illustrated custom family portrait from My Little Buffalo. That way, you can have your family drawn like they are all willingly participating in your holiday card, when obviously that is far from the truth.

My-little-buffalo-portrait-20Ten runner-ups will all get their very own copy of "Awkward Family Holiday Photos".

Photo (52)

Then you can peruse hundreds of horrible photos and think, "Gee. My family isn't nearly as unphotogenic as I previously believed."

You can still enter your photos up until December 30th, by posting your photos on the Mommy Shorts facebook page or under #mommyshorts_worstfamily photo and @mommyshorts on instagram, but only the truly awful will be turned into a card and entered into the album.

Winner will be announced December 31st.

Now what are you waiting for? Go to the album to vote!

Good luck!!!!


December's Giveaway Winners


There have been a TON of giveaways this month, including seven holiday gift guide winners. FYI- If I don't announce the winners immediately, you can always find the winner of every giveaway at the bottom of the original post as an "update".

Here's a list of who's won what so far…

Signed copies of "My Mom is a Foreigner, But Not to Me" by Julianne Moore:

Congratulations to Brianne (whose favorite episode of the Mommy Show is with Idina Menzel), Rachel (whose favorite episode is Romilly Newman— "Harlow's yuck faces are hilarious!") and @jgteal on instagram (who didn't specify, but I like to think that's because she likes all of them).

Party in a Box from Little Miss Party: 


Congratulations to Sarah for guessing MIKE as the photoshopped face! (Didn't I do a good job???) Sarah's requested a gender neautral "vintage circus in a box". I'll be waiting patiently for my invite. 

Style Solution Seven Makeover:

Congratulations to the fashion-impaired Julie S. who says she went straight from grad school hoodies, flip flops and free campus t-shirts to two kids both under three. "My wardrobe is beyond pathetic…I'm 37, it's time to start looking like an adult."

Awkward Family Photos Book Set:

Congratulations to Shimona! You are now required to show us the most awkward photo of you and your family. Alright, fine. I'll give you a pass.

Please contact me at with the subject line "I'M A WINNER!!!" to claim your prize.