If you follow me on Instagram, you know the last few days we ditched the baby and took Mazzy on a four day vacation to the Dominican Republic. It was a first for all of us. Our first time being away from Harlow since she was born and Mazzy’s first time at a beach resort.

The weather was beautiful, the beach was postcard perfect and the people were exceptionally hospitable. But the best part was learning four is the age you can bring your child out of hiding and start to travel like you did in your pre-children days.

Well, not exactly. The majority of your vacation will be spent making sure nobody drowns rather than napping poolside. But it’s much more fun than spending the day trapped in your hotel room trying to get a baby to stick to their napping schedule.

A friend once told me going on vacation with a baby is not a vacation. It’s just doing all the same stuff you usually do, except less conveniently. This is why we left Harlow at home. (Don’t worry, we didn’t leave her in a hamster cage with a feeding dispenser on a timer; we made sure Grammy was there to keep her company.)

With just a preschooler in tow, we didn’t need to bring diapers, a stroller or an extra carry-on full of toys for constant entertainment. Mazzy just got a bag full of clothes like the rest of us and even carrried her own suticase! But more on traveling logistics tomorrow.

If you are going to attempt a vacation with a four-year-old, I highly recommend going with another family. The whole reason this trip came about was because we were invited by friends who have a boy Mazzy’s age.