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If there is one thing we know about Dads, it’s they will stop at nothing to show their kids they are the more fun half of the two-person-team more commonly known as “parents”.

Witness Roman Atwood, a guy famous for his online pranks, waiting for his wife to run some errands and then turning his house into a GIANT BALL PIT and inviting all the neighboorhood kids over to play. They even put a trampoline underneath the second floor landing so everyone can jump over the banister. The kind of thing moms usually have full-on heart attacks over.

Then mom comes home and she’s like, “You crazy Dad!” with a huge smile. To her credit, she must be used to this kind of thing.

Although I would definitely KILL MY HUSBAND if he tried this in our home, I wouldn’t mind living down the street from Roman Atwood so he could invite us over for the fun. It looks like a pretty awesome time for all involved.

Then I’d say, “Sorry, Mrs. Atwood— have fun finding balls lodged into strange areas of your home for the next five years!” on my out.


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